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Volund | Every Adventure Begins With A First Step

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There are many mercenary organizations out there, a few alliances but just one Volund. A friendship of intelligent profit-seeking minds eager to make a real difference in the Star Citizen community, we look towards serving our clients in any way we can with the respect and dignity they deserve. Never will we patronize you, nor be critical of your capabilities because that is why you join us – to improve and exceed expectations of yourself. Find out what it means to be part of a close-knit community, a band of brothers and sisters that always has your back.


We are not looking for the “best pilot” or the insecure braggart eager to point at a killboard list, always ready to lecture others about their personal achievements. What we are looking for is human beings that would do anything for a friend. Human beings that would run into a burning building at great personal risk to help another. Human beings that tend to consider a situation first as opposed to using the muscles around the jaw. Ultimately, Volund is a mature community with a fun attitude combined with a lethal (and proven) resolve. Individuals that genuinely enjoy Star Citizen, flying with an organized team and learning how to create dramatic explosions via internet spaceship violence.


Volund is built on the idea that becoming an effective mercenary force is our one true priority. Where your community brothers and sisters improve and help each other to achieve success for our clients. No idea is too crazy, no strategy too unproven. We have open minds so our clients will have open wallets. With some of our members playing games alongside each other for over fifteen years, we welcome new faces and personalities. We know diversity makes us stronger, and we welcome like minds no matter where they are from.

Come take that first step with us!

Join us: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/VOLUND
Talk to us: https://discord.gg/bWwYfMf
Check us out: https://volund.org/

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    • By H4MK1NG
      G'day, new recruit here. Thought I would drop a quick message here as a first step.
      Aussie interested in exploration, some mining and trade, and maybe some fringe combat roles. Happy to play support roles. Will go looking for Aussie based teams once i get a handle on the game.
    • By DooDart
      Hello there Star Citizens! We at the Training Alliance Task Force founded in 2016 are a well established multi-gaming community with over 12,000 active users spread across multiple games. Our Star Citizen division is seeking like-minded friendly people to come have a laugh with us in game!
      - Weekly Division night every Thursday evening from 7PM UK time!
      - Active voice comms on our discord server daily! Get involved with others completing contracts!
      - Have fun - We are all about a friendly, positive environment.
      -  Keeping it simple! We will develop into what we wish to specialise in as the game develops in itself!
      -  Star Citizen gift card giveaways and ship giveaways!
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      The Thukker tribe is one of the seven original Minmatar tribes. 
      After the Minmatar Rebellion the Thukkers left Minmatar space and took up the nomadic lifestyles of their ancestors, only this time in space, where they are very numerous, but the Thukkers like to be on the move, constantly going from one solar system to another in their huge caravans, trading and scavenging.
      Smugglers code:
      Forsake his relatives--mother, father, brothers, sisters... Not have a family of his own -- no wife, no children; this does not however, preclude him from having a lover. Never, under any circumstances work, no mafter how much difficulty this brings-, live only on means gleaned from thievery
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      A'care Mining & Reclamation
      We are what you need us to be...
      AMR: Now looking for new employees and corporate partnerships. Contact us today via our web portal.
      A’care Mining & Reclamation is a deep space salvage and prospecting firm operating in some of the harshest, non-permissive environments in the ‘Verse. 
      We specialize in the timely and tailored retrieval of our client’s critical materials of concern, in addition to low-observable prospecting and survey reports in compromised environments.
      Established in 2944, A’care Mining and Reclamation expanded deep space recovery and economic survey operations into less accessible sectors of the known Verse. We seek to recruit skilled pilots with experience in collection, security operations, physical sciences, and engineering. Our professionals come from a multitude of backgrounds, including astrogeology, law enforcement/military, logistics, and engineering to better serve our customer’s requirements anywhere in the ‘Verse.
      Would you like to join the professionals at AMR? We are seeking Citizen pilots from a diverse set of professional backgrounds who desire a rigorous and rewarding environment. Contact us today and get started on your next great journey among the stars.
      AMR is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants subject to full-scope UEE security check. Certain restrictions apply. Speak with an AMR representative for details
      Sage Parvil, Ph.D
      Director of Corporate Outreach and Engagement
      A'care Mining and Reclamation
      New Babbage, MicroTech, Stanton
      AMR: We Are What You Need Us To Be
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