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Help - HOTAS Axis Mapping

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I have a Thrustmaster T.16000M and I've followed this page / guide to get set up: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50174/thread/thrustmaster-t-16000-fcs-hotas-fillable-pdf-form-c

In that tutorial there's an XML file that has the keybinds. I've made a few changes to suit my muscle memory (long-time Elite: Dangerous player). Everything is great, except...

There are 2 changes I'd like to make but I don't know how to go about doing it. :D 

1st Change: I want to make it to where when I "twist" the stick left...the ship rotates in-place to the left. Twist to the right...ship rotates in-place to the right. (I believe this is the "RZ Axis".)

2nd Change: I want to make it to where when I move the Flight Stick to the left...the ship rolls to the left. Move the stick to the right...the ship rolls right. (I believe this is the "X Axis".)

Without this change I spend 10 minutes trying to land a ship and end up going back to the Mouse and Keyboard control scheme. Is there anyone knowledgeable that can help?



I'm going to be changing my in-game name and my name on here. Until I do I'm rocking my "Recruit" signature banner. Once I've decided on a new name I'll request a regular signature banner. FWIW, in case anyone cares or was wondering. I misunderstood which "name" would be my visible name when I made my Star Citizen account.

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Twist is indeed Z and left/right is X.

Let me get in game and I'll try to find you the exact place to change this.

And appreciate the heads up, I know it helps them with everyones info being up to date. =] Think you can update it on Portal as well when you do change it.

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While in game follow this order.  

  1. Esc 
  2. Options 
  3. Keybinds 
  4. Image A - Select HOTAS in bottom right (1.) 
  5. Image A - Advanced Controls Customization in bottom left (2.) 
  6. Image B -  Flight - Movement 
  7. Image C - Roll


I'm unsure if you wanted X and Z to roll but if you mean X axis to look left and right that will be Yaw right above roll. If you do want both to Roll, sadly we cannot have multiple inputs for the same action yet. If you need anything else please feel free to ask! 

Image A




Image B




Image C




vv Ignore this extra picture, cannot delete for some reason vv


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