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Imperium Won the Star Citizen Invictus Video Contest!


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Don't know if it was posted here, but we just won a video contest for the Invictus Launch week! <###(3)

The sun never sets!



Thank you Sir_Belial, Switchd, Callum_127, Deonaldi, Kemalis and Triggerminus for your great inputs and help.


Video contest Submission:


We also made a Directors cut:


And a bloopers video:


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Hm, completely missed that, sry.
I would have thought that CIG would do more to highlight these great community contributions, but it's like that for years now...

Awesome video and I'm really happy that you included the bloopers. It's way easier to see how much time, effort and losses of digital life and material it took to make this. :D

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