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I just need some advice as im at my whits end completely 6 months ago i tried to log into my account like any normal day to be hit with the “email address not registered”  As you can imagine i was in a state of shock after many failed attempts to reset password, and various other things i realised my account had been taken and the email address changed this is where the nightmare began, i sent a support ticket to support 6 months ago, i have since sent 5 more hoping to get a reply but i get the same automated message as above 6 months have passed and not had any kind of response from these guys now, ive sank over £1000 into this game and im so lost on what to do now, i cant recall the money from the bank as its been too long, these guys wont get back to me please give me some advice on what to do


thank you

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Not sure why you joined this site for assistance with an issue like this. Nobody here that I am aware of has any leverage one way or the other with CIG accounts or policies.

Regardless, some questions. (Just spitballing here).


When you go to    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC

What does it show and does it allow you to log in using your account info that you think is correct?

Do you have more than one email address? If so it is easy to forget which you used. If you had an old one you have abandoned, resurrect it and see if it is getting messages from CIG. If you can dig up any old saved emails regarding the account, there might be clues in there as well.

Have you used the phone Authenticator services? If so, same question. Have you switched phones or phone services in the last six months.

If you have any pictures or copies of your account page, you can also send them in as reference with your Support query.

There is a No Email Listed link in Support. If none of the above give any clues then keep hammering that link with as much information as you have to prove you did indeed own an account (paypal record, bank record, however you paid for it).

Good luck and keep us updated.

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Thank you with this i knew i wouldnt speak to support directly i was simply asking here incase others had had the same issue and what they did to sort this as 5 months is a long time to wait in the emails to them i have supplied all evidence and payments but still waiting for that reply

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I had a support ticket get lost and over a year later they apologized saying a support server lost it and they recovered it.

Things happen.

I would focus on the support ticket that went 6 months with no reply.  

When you go to this URL and log in do you  see your tickets there?  https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/requests


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Thats the issue my account has been taken all emails address and passwords chnged ive provided them all my bank details to prove its mine aswell as bank statements showing my purchases and pledges

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