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Hello! New Recruit? Application guy?

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Hello! New guy here that just submitted an application. 

Space games have been in my blood since 1988 when i was playing Mega Wars on game genie and dial up modem days. 

First "real" space game would be Descent, that was my first multiplayer game with friends dialing direct via modem to modem connection. From there it was Descent Freespace, Freelancer, Wing Commander. 

If you have not played Independence War, I highly recommend that game, especially Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos. Also Nexus the Jupiter Incident, of course played the heck out of Homeworld and all of its associated titles and sequels etc.

Long time EvE Online Player here ever since the beta days. Still play EvE Online but I do love to play Star Citizen.

I have been playing Star Citizen ever since the 3.0 days, as for ships I own a very large assortment of ships that would a long list to mention. My favorites would of course be the Carrack, 600i, Cat, the black and red cutty, the Freelancer MIS, Sabre, gladius, and my tally. 

Love trading, bounty hunting, PVP etc. Never really had anyone to play Marine or Arena Commander with but I know my way around a dogfight. Did the pirate swarm etc.

Looking for good people to have fun with. I am your typical "boomer" InfoSec IT Guy. Feel free to ask any questions.

Favorite book of course is EndersGame, I liked it back before it was "cool". In all the various games I have played my nic has always been EndersGame.

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    • By Sanforce
      Hey all, looking forward to joining y'all in Imperium. SC is finally taking shape! I think it's time to be part of a large group of players that can get organized and work towards common goals (once the game caters to it).
    • By H8 Mile Fisher
      I had created a new account because I thought this one was lost, let me know if I should use this one or the new one. I don't think this account has access to imperium member forms anymore either so RIP.
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      I used to be in imperium but haven't played on forever so now I made a new account and joined back. I have a Cutlass and probably will be doing trading and mining more than anything
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      hi im just got star citizen I hope to join Imperium 
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      Hello everybody,
      my name is Andy, age 32, Location GER near Mainz.
      I first noticed and pledged for SC in 2014 (I think) and was pretty excited at that time but somehow forgot about SC about the years… until a few weeks ago when I stumbled across it while looking for a new game to play. 
      So I jumped right into Alpha 3.8.1 and can barely get off my PC ever since that.
      By now I got a Hornet as my Game Package, a Cutlass Black, a Banu Merchantman waiting for ingame implementation (therefore a Caterpillar and Banu Defender as a replacement), a Prospector for mining and a Carrack Expedition (plus C8X Pisces and Ursa Rover) since I fell in love with that spacewhale when first stepping into one. 😄
      I've found my way into the game over the past weeks and explored alot by now but I am definitely looking for people to team up and play with to even increase the fun.
      Ingame I spend most of my time either bounty hunting (both PvP and PvE) in either my Hornet or my Cutlass and cargo running mainly with my (replacement-) Caterpillar to gather some credits.
      So far thanks for reading and I hope to find some new friends and wingmen here.
      Have a nice day everybody and see you ingame or on Discord? Haven't really checked that yet, gonna do that soon. 
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