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Complete [WTT] F7A Military Hornet LTI for a Orion LTI

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    • By alka
      Hi all, I am selling my own account I have created in 2015
      The account includes these ships.
      Aegis Vulcan - 120 Month
      Hull C - 120 Month
      Hull E - 120 Month
      Hercules C2 - 120 Month
      Eclipse - 120 Month
      Mercury Star Runner - LTI
      Cutlass Black - LTI
      Anvil Hawk - LTI
      Drake Dragonfly black - LTI
      Tumbril Ranger CV - LTI
      Banu Merchantman - 120 Month
      Caterpillar 2949 BIS - LTI
      + Paints, armors etc..
      Imperator - 1 Year Access Pass
      Asking Price $2400
    • By Pegasus
      TO BE DELETED - no longer for sale
    • By Pegasus
      TO BE DELETED - no longer for sale
    • By Danakar Endeel
      EDIT: Managed to get another Slate Camo paint off-site so I'm all good now.
      Hey again 🙂
      I already made a similar post earlier but now I'm looking for a second "Slate Camo" ship paint that can be used on the Origin 100-series. As I recall CIG offered 3 different paints a while back when they released the 100-series. CIG sold them separately at $5 each or in a pack with all 3 for $12,50.
      So the paint I'm interested in was called "Slate Camo" (see image below) and was a kinda dark grey camo pattern. Please send me a reply/PM if you happen to have this paint available and want to sell it to me for a reasonable price or I can trade you something that you can then melt for Store Credit. Thanks!! 😃
      I already managed to get 1 of them (thanks Danredda!) and figured I might as well make a new post here to see if there's anybody out there who might have one in their BuyBack that they'd be willing to trade.
      I can either pay you some cash for it through PayPal or trade you something else that you can then melt for Store Credit if you prefer.  

    • By sinDIE
      [WTS] [GIFT]  ($175) ($140) $120 MUSTANG OMEGA AMD 2MI + SQ42+ 1K UEC
      Hi all!
      I don't play Star Citizen cause i need to upgrade the PC this year, received this back in the day when I bought an AMD product.
      I have some past trading rep on Steam. I have included my steam link, reddit, discord.
      -steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/6e0/
      -discord: sinDIE#3030
      -reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/sinDIE__
      -Mustang Omega: AMD Edition
      -Self Land Hanger
      -Legacy AC
      -Starting Money 1,000 UEC
      -2 Months Insurance
      -Digital Star Citizen Manual
      -Star Citizen Digital Download
      -Squadron 42 Digital Download
      Will be shipping item as a GIFT to your RSI account!
      Only Paypal.
      Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

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