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New England Bar Citizen: PAX East 2020 (2/29/2020)

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    • By radoorid
      Hello guys,
      Some of us have been talking on TS...and Discord about a possible meetup in the mid-west Some of the cities that we were talking to possibly hold this in is St Lious, Chicago, Indy, Detriot or Nashville. Barring the issue of choosing a city, Please make a post on whatever you are interested in helping organize or attend a mid-west fleet meetup  sometime in 2019.     
    • By DirtDiver2Nine
      Hello, all you fine looking Citizens! Just thought I'd see if anyone else is from Alberta, Canada and is going to attend the BarCitizen in Calgary on Dec/16??? would be absolutely awesome to meet anyone else from TheBase and/or Imperium. http://barcitizen.sc/  and here's the link to the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/188337068354815/  
    • By GRIZZ
      During the planning for the PAX East Bar Citizen it was often said there needs to be more events in New England than 1 a year.  Well here's my contribution.
      When: April 4th (Tuesday) 2017 at 6PM
      Where: Shrewsbury, MA Buffalo Wild Wings  (Half priced wings on Tuesdays)
      What: Socialize 
      No tickets, no prizes (this time), just come to hang out.
      Sponsored by New England Bar Citizen (join us on Discord).
      Can't make it?  There is also another meetup in Boston, MA on May 6th.
    • By GRIZZ
      Going to be in Boston for PAX East, or just live close?   Want to go to a North East (US) Meetup?  Now is your chance!
      When:  Sat, March 11, 2017  8PM – 11 PM EST
      Where:  Jacob Wirth Restaurant, 31-37 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116
      RSI Forums Link: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/368674/usa-massachusetts-boston-pax-east-bar-citizen-meetup
      RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pax-east-bar-citizen-tickets-31291137635
      I personally don't have PAX tickets (too expensive), but you can count on me making the drive in for this event for my second year in a row.  Last year we had a couple Twitch streamers show up RedBarron, DJKnight, Supreme Tokyo, RussianJ, HPBrainCase, crasskitty, those formerly known as INN and now Relay.SC crew, Bonus points if you can spot me in last years photo.
      Disco Lando just tweeted he will be attending, and so will Ziloh. 
    • By GRIZZ
      Saw BoredGamerUK sharing a meetup for Star Citizen and No Mans Sky fans and figured I'd post it here to get more visibility.
      NEC Birmingham (National Exhibit Center)
      Birminham,West Midlands B40, UK, B37 7HE Bickenhill
      Saturday, August 27 at 4 PM - 7 PM in UTC+01
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