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        - With self land hangar and 6-month insurance.

I'm trying out selling some of the uncommon items from my buyback in an attempt to make the rest of the way to concierge.   Because I'm not terribly comfortable selling I will only sell to those with positive reputation.  I am a longstanding member of this forum and met many members including Imperium Officers in person who will vouch for me as not a scammer.    If all goes well I'll be back with LTI tokens.

I prefer GooglePay $40

  • Payment in USD.

I accept PayPal $42

  • When PM me please send your Paypal email and link to your RSI profile
  • Payment through paypal in USD
  • Your paypal account must be Verified
  • Paypal fees included in price.


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    • By Sensivitix
      Hello i whant to sell my account  Click me
      PM for detaill
      thanks you!
    • By Danakar Endeel
      Hey there guys
      As I recently purchased a pair of Virpil Constellation Alphas I realized I still have a unused set of CH gear that I won't be needing anymore. So if any of you are still looking for a set of CH gear at a nice discount let me know!
      CH may not look all fancy like other HOTAS out there but their sticks are industrial grade, built to last almost indefinitely, and practically indestructible. I bought them back in 2014 because of that while building my basic simpit with my dad but I've never actually used them yet (except for sitting in the chair at times and making pew-pew sounds).

      The original boxes should also still be available and my dad made longer (27cm) aluminium extender panels for the footrests back then to sit on top of the original shorter ones with adhesive tape because the original length of those pedals was rather short. 
      Regarding shipping, I'm from the Netherlands so this may be something to keep in mind regarding shipping costs+fees.
      As far I remember the set cost me around €475 at the time and they appear to be getting rather hard to find these days so I would like to get at least €300 +shipping for the set.
      Send me a PM if you're interested and I'm sure we can work something out!! Figured I'd let my org-mates be able to get them first instead of putting them up for sale on Ebay. 
    • By UnityBeing
      I’m selling rare lti and 2 year modules for the Retaliator .
      Dropship LTI for 150usd
      Torpedo front bay 24 month insurance for 150 usd
      Torpedo rear bay 24 month insurance for 120 usd 
      they selling fast so contact me if interested, paypal fees +4%.

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