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WTS LTI F7C-M Super Hornet (ccued)

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Hi, I'm trying to "clear" my hangar after the holidays and I'm selling my Super Hornet LTI (upgraded from Aurora LX)

PRICE : 160€ /180$  Paypal only.

When sending payment please remember to include your RSI handle in the paypal note.

Transfer will be completed via Star Citizen's gift system and the item will be sent to the buyer's PayPal email.

No refunds will be allowed once the item has been claimed. 



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    • By Nephrium456
      Looking to sell my account which includes a base retaliator complete with LTI, as well as the front living module with LTI, rear cargo module with LTI, and 5$ store credit. 
      My asking price is 175$ which is 25$ less than cost, however with the items no longer being giftable thanks to having melted a freelancer package to obtain them I figure it to be a good trade off since you will have to purchase a game package to be able to use it. 
      I overlooked that fact when melting a freelancer package to purchase the retaliator and so you will need to purchase a ship with game package to use retaliator, or melt it for something else with a game package.
      Both modules and the retaliator base come with LTI, the base comes with a small in game model for the hanger as well as a poster.
      Transaction will take place through pay pal via verified account.
      For all inquiries please contact me here.
    • By danredda
      So in the process of collecting ships, this lovely ship joined my collection and has been a member for quite some time. One of my favourite ships sold to date by CIG, this rare ship will soon be flyable from a spaceport near you. I have finally reached my goal of building up the funds to upgrade my package one last time, and as such I do unfortunately have to let this beauty go in order to push myself over the line (although I will be getting another).
      Single-owner, low mileage and fast delivery. Don't pay $1700 elsewhere. All I'm asking for is $1200 including PayPal fees (Fly away, no more to pay - unless your other half reads the bank statements).
      I am open to both PayPal and RSI credit as forms of payment methods.

    • By Peter_Storm
      Hi everyone,
      I'm selling my Star Citizen package with either a Gladiator or a Super Hornet with the following:
      Starting Money: 5.000 UEC 6 Month Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Starmap Digital Star Citizen Manual Digital Squadron 42 Manual Star Citizen Digital Download Beta Access Aeroview Hangar  
      Link to reddit thread with prior trades here.
      I will only trade with verified PayPal users, and buyer pays fees.
      I will sell for 150$ which is around 85% of melt value (actual melt value is 180$).
    • By nightshadexl
      Selling Advance Hunter (Avenger) Package.
      Comes with Alpha and Beta Access.
      I will entertain lower offers if you can prove my price is way too high.
      Payment through verified PayPal invoice.
      Price will include the PayPal fees, so it will be the above price listed and nothing more.

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