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We just reached $250 million in crowdfunding!!!

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    • By StarC_Newbie
      all comments within are my opinions.


      The question i am asking is this:

      Are we hurting ourselves / RSI by continuing to give them FREE money / adding backing money ? 


      Make no mistake every time we add to the backing it is money they dont have to repay anyone. 

      It does add to the over all Valuation of CIG / RSI as a company since its used to build the studio and as marketing reference.

      Considering the recorded sale of both Digital Anvil and Point of no Return are we pushing the RSI / CIG valuation to the point that we doom it to sale by CR & the other partners?

      If we dont doom it to sale are we making the product / game delayed due to the steady influx of free cash to RSI ?

      By constantly backing via the never ending ship sales do we prevent RSI from developing healthy business models for funding and expenditures ?

      Do we allow unrealistic "perfection" goals for a game that inherently can never be perfect ?

      Do we send the message that they dont have to live up to the hype that got this all started ?

      We backed for Star Citizen, we let them add in another full game ( SQ42 ). Are we sending the message ... hey add in another AAA game to this Star Citizen budget we will wait even longer and fund all 3 !

      Sooner or later you cut your child off and say good luck in the world ...... It is the BEST thing you can do FOR them.

      I believe at almost 160 million we have given that child ( SC ) life and the ability to go forth and mature on its own now.

      Please add in your thoughts but be respectful of all views.
    • By AEVUM
      incredible CIG has now made $130,000,000 That is $5,000,000 in just under a month thanks to the Polaris and the Militia Mobilization Initiative.  

    • By pyro nl
      they rly sell well. nice discount offcourse on that presale with nice manual and shipnumber
    • By AEVUM
      That is a huge amount of money.

    • By VoA
      Congratulations CIG! $120 million! 
      Wow - SC 3.0 and the Gamescom presentation really blew everyone away - perhaps NMS flop had something to do with it as well

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