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new player General question before purchase

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So my (online) friend and I (hes in Turkey, im in UK) want to get into Star citizen but would like to play together, be in the same ship together, walk around planets or stations together etc.

I have two questions before we invest –

  1. Is the above even possible?
  2. Is the game persistent yet? I hate working up a character only for it to be wiped in a month or so.

We love what weve seen on the various youtube vids but just wanted to check whats actually possible rather than sales pitches at games cons etc

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Planets: Yes, most of that is possible. There is enough moving between planets to keep you occupied for a while. New star systems are not far off.

Persistence: Not yet. CIG is aiming to reduce the number of times progress is wiped between patches, but for now persistence is in its infancy. There will likely be a major announcement for what is going to be the final wipe, whether that be at the end of the alpha or beta.

Still though, I'd recommend he get a starter ship like a Mustang and the two of you can see if he likes it or not. There is enough variety to the game right now that someone can tell whether they'd like it or not. There is only more content and systems to be added, so if he doesn't like it now, he probably won't like it later. Better to figure that out before a starter pack becomes more expensive closer to release.

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