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Tesla CyberTruck

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On 3/21/2020 at 9:52 AM, Boildown said:

Yeah but I think we have at least a couple more weeks of bad coronavirus news, and that's assuming the country starts getting its head out of its ass and starts to contain it.  The longer we don't have widely available tests the longer I'm a bear on the market.

Ya but we have a ridiculous amount of Stimulus now.... "Unlimted QE" by the FED and likely a $2 Trillion Stimulus Package from Congress.   I am calling it right here at least for Tesla - it is up most of the way from here on out (and its up today and 2.55% in after hours ;) )

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    • By Boildown
      So... who plans to get in line tomorrow?  I figure, if I can put all this money on virtual ships that won't be ready for years, I can put that much on a deposit for a real vehicle that won't be ready for years.
      Speculation: http://electrek.co/2016/03/30/tesla-model-3-specs
      Truth will partly come out at 8:30 PM tomorrow (Pacific time I think).
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