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Non-CCUable ships this year (2019)

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Hi anybody please confirm, is purchasing CCUs for capital ships as of last November 2020 sale were allowed? I saw some videos from Nooblifier that CCUs to capital ships were allowed there (last November 2020 sale), because I am planning to buy a few capital ship CCU on the next anniversary sale and hoping that CCUs to capital ships are still allowed

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    • By tismoj
      Hi I'm just wondering when you go to the Ship Upgrade Page, in the From list of ship why is there a Polaris, Pioneer, and 890 Jump? if there are supposed to be no other ships you could upgrade them into.
      At least for the Idris-P maybe you could choose to upgrade to the Idris-K, though not sure as I have just recently started into CCUs myself and haven't witnessed it in the last Anniversary Sale
    • By tismoj
      Hi I joined SC right after the free fly and Rent for Free all ship event of Nov-Dec 2020, and I wasn't paying any attention to CCUs at that time. Does anybody recall if the Endeavor was available for CCU last Anniversary Sale of 2020? I got worried when I came across this post here in this site:
    • By tismoj
      Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and I've searched here and in google, and so far I couldn't find any answer.
      I have a second account, that I am reserving for 1 of my kids, I bought a non LTI package pledge to have the Dragonfly with LTI. I am currently building my fleet with my main account and I have some store credit but I was thinking if I buy cash for a Taurus, C2, M2, A2 CCUs each and keep them unmelted just in case I later want to gift the 4 CCUs to my second account, since its got an extra LTI token, I could have that option. My question is
      1. can I gift multiple CCUs to the same recipient? because (https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013325608) says once per pledge which is kinda confusing to me.
      2. If yes, does my second account still have the option to melt any / all of the gifted CCUs?
      3. Can you also gift a CCU if you buy from Buy Back in cash?
      3. This is a bit off topic, but anybody have any news if A2 is also coming in 3.13, I think C2 and M2 are both coming for 3.13 (not really sure), I'm asking because I made some Buy Back options for A2 CCUs, so that maybe I could just delay buying that CCU for a bit more.
    • By JoulesB07
      Selling my Aquila starter package upgraded from a Nomad LTI for 300$. Verified PayPal only. All fees Included. Will gift to the email linked with you paypal address. 
      Package - Nomad LTI upgraded to Constellation Aquila
      Lifetime Insurance Star Citizen Digital Download Starting Money 1000 UEC  

      DM me for anymore questions. 
      Thank you, 
    • By Raging_Willy
      I have 4 Hammer head to Polaris CCUS left   $80.00 each  Please be pay pal verified !
      Thanks,  !! 
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