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Tyr Genesis Brigade

Bellamy Cambridge

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We are The Tyr Genesis Brigade.
Our Goal is to establish an HQ on an Asteroid and Grow a fleet of the Brigade 
We are doing freelancing of every thing be it Security, Infiltration or even Cargo transfer as long the price is right we will do it.
We Require every Asset, If you interest Apply!

The spoken language is english.
We use an accurate UEE ranking system for our soldiers.
There's a ton of roles you can get in this organization such as engineer, security, bridge crew, fighter pilot,...
You can choose between two branches the Marine Corps or the Navy.
If you want more information join our discord and ask for Shin Valdra.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/szP6zSY

Organization Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TGBRIGADE

Have a nice day,

Vice Admiral Cambridge, Officer Tyr Genesis Brigade Navy.



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    • By Wraith Fox
      Greetings Imperium,
      I've been on the Star Citizen roles since Feb, 2014 and have been active in the game since that time.  I’m an experienced Star Citizen pilot.  I have pledged at the High Admiral level, am a subscriber, and have access to concierge (Chairman’s Club).   I have a modest fleet of 10 ships, including a Hammerhead and a Carrack.  I've been in a number of organizations up till now, but, for one reason or another, they have fallen short of my expectations.  I'm looking for a permanent home and I've taken a good hard look at a number of organizations.  Imperium stands out.  I'm very impressed with your presentation, standards and goals.  I am a contributor with a background in online leadership as well as being a veteran of the U.S. Navy.  I look forward to becoming part of the Imperium family.  I am requesting admittance into your military branch.  Please accept my application.
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      Org: Oraxion
      Specialization: [Military Operations/ Combat/Trading/Security]
      Commitment: [Regular]
      Role Play: [Yes]
      Main Language: [English]
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      Other essential info: 
      Oraxion is a self sustaining Military-Industrial Galactic Nation
      with a focus in Technology, Trade, and intergalactic resource extraction. Both the Veteran and the green nose can find a welcome place among the O.M.D. [Oraxion Military Division] or the C.T.I.F. [Commercial Trade of Industry and Freight]

      The Nation Offers positions as Pilots, Crewman, Infantry, or Commerceman. 
      No employee can be found lacking the means to support themselves thanks to the nations budding economy.
      *220+ Active Players
      *Daily Training Opportunities
      *Wage for Training and Missions
      *Big Events on Saturdays
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      How's it going everyone, my name is Dave, but I go by Capt. Decker on SC. I'm 30 years old, a prior Marine, and I've been a backer since 2016, but I'm currently opting out of playing Star Citizen until we get a few more supporting features in. I appreciate the opportunity to join this great organization! 

      I am also 5% over Grand Admiral for anyone remotely curious. My fleet primarily consists of dedicated support ships, sprinkled with a bit of stealth combat.

      I'm really hoping to link up with a Javelin or Kraken owner to coordinate fleet operations and be apart of a crew of military-minded entrepreneurs!
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      Talscion Wardens does allow ANY illegal activity and fully acts upon lawful actions. We support so that you don't have to!

    • By CrysDavids
      the UNISS is currently recruiting to expand its fleet, as a member of the UNISS, it is your goal to protect and preserver humanity as we bring law and order to the ever expanding space frontier.
      we are a serious RP group that wants everyone to have fun in star citizen, we are based of most western navel and marine forces in todays conflicts, with similar tactics on the ground and also in ship to ship combat.
      UNISS Divisions:
       the UNISS has 3 divisions within its fleet, these consist of the NAVY, MARINES and SUPPORT & LOGISTICS:
      NAVY: the NAVY is a major part in the UNISS as they will be flying the UNISS fighters in dogfights in both space and planet atmospheres, they will also be piloting marine dropships to different combat zones in major conflicts, they will also be in charge or flying UNISS cruisers and capital ships that will house personnel and ships on board. the NAVY will also experience a lot of combat and security out of ships, as they may need to secure or wipe out hostiles in space stations or pirate cruisers.
      MARINES: the MARINES are the back bone of the UNISS its there jobs to secure zones on planet surfaces from pirates, terrorists and corrupted military forces. the MARINES will have many vehicle assets such as recon rovers to troop carriers {APC}  to main battle tanks, the will also be equipped with the latest MARINE battle armour and weapon loadouts. the Marines will work very closely with the NAVY as they are needed for troop transport, and evac runs, where at the same time the MARINES will hold great defence for the NAVY when needed.
      MEDIC: as a medic on the UNISS it is your job to look after all personnel in the UNISS fleet, this could be when you are on board a UNISS cruiser, dropship or even during a combat situation alongside the NAVY or MARINES, as a medic you will be given a combat and non combat medical uniform, aswell as a weapon loadout, as a medic you must always carry a large amount of medi-pens and Oxi-pens, as these are used to heal or give life support to people, {features yet to come } soon added features will be added to the medical system, including the ability to heal downed and injured people, aswell as carry them away from combat and treat them on medical ships.
      ENGINEER: as a engineer in the UNISS it is your role to repair and keep all ships and land vehicles up to date and fully repaired and fuelled, engineers will also be required to fight on the field again for vehicle repairs but also for hacking systems at rebel bases or corrupted military control points. as a engineer you will be given both a combat and non combat uniform aswell as a weapon loadout.
      LOGISTICS: as a UNISS logistics member it is your job to run cargo for the UNISS this can consist of carrying ships, land vehicles, and many different cargos such as ammo, medical supplies, rations. or it could be your job to carry evidence back such as data files, drugs, spices , or any other illegal items back to your Commanding Officer for them to dispose of. all logistical members are non combatants, meaning you are not there to fight , you are there to hull cargo for the UNISS, protection for all logistical members will be held by either the NAVY or MARINES.  
      if you have any further questions related about the roles or anything about the UNISS join the discord and contact a commanding officer,
      discord link below: https://discord.gg/zksnp5T
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