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Greetings o7
Your corporation is mostly impressive.
I'm a Wing Commander, Starlancer and Freelancer Veteran. Moreover I'm an EvE Online Veteran but I've made up my mind to focus on Star Citizen.
I'm a backer since the Kickstarter Campaign 2012, but I've been more active since patch 3.6.

Owned Ships:
Constellation Andromeda

plan to buy:
Gladius or Vanguard
Hercules Starlifter

Primary: Space Combat / Ground Combat
Secondary: Cargo Runner / Logistics
Tertiary: Mining




Tylan o7

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    • By Raulii
      I'm here for Imperium yes yes
      Name is Raul

      cya in Star Citizen
    • By Mihaly
      Hey I'm a existing player from 2015 been playing through to mid 2018 then recently got a pc powerful enough to run the game again. 
      Ship: Constellation Andromeda
      Country: Australia
    • By Mistmoon
      Hello everyone! I'm just applied for Imperium. I'm MinKyeoung Seo, from South Korea (you'd better call Mistmoon or MM or else it's little hard for me) Currently Majoring Mechanical Engineering in the Unversity. After graduated maritime highschool, I worked at shipping company as apprentice officer (10,000t class Chemical-Tanker), Decided to change my career.
      3 years ago, i heard about Star Citizen from my friend. and as you guys, now SC is one of my own dream. Exploring and fighting with cool professional brothers, making great fleet base is what i dreaming. (So, now i have Pioneer and Eclipse.) and i really want to get personal hunter-class destroyer. and Imperium is great place for my dream!.
      about my gaming life, i 'm loved in COH, MOW(men of war) and Wargame Series. also Grand Tactics and MMORPG. I played 6~8 hours per day before, Cause i'm student, now i barely playing at weekend.
      Anyway, i can't introduce myself more. (Thanks to my bad PR skill!) if you have any questions, just reply bellow.
      Really hope to be with Imperium.
    • By Silken Jack
      I have been following the development of Star citizen with interest, and have decided to take the plunge and pledge.  I thought I would try to find a way to enter the game with a sensible gaming group, and I like what I see of Imperium.    I hope to be of use, although I have limited gaming time.
      Silken Jack
      Gentleman of Fortune
    • By Gleave
      My name is Gleave, I've recently obtained star citizen and am very excited to explore the verse and work with the people in this community. I work as a police officer and am proud and enjoying my service. I've grown up with video games and am always interested in the development of modern video games. How much the world of video gaming has changed still surprises me. I was previously in Mage's old unit and am looking forward to working with him and the wonderful people that I have got to know during my time with him. I've bought the aurora starter package and I'm very impressed by the state of the game so far. The ships are beautiful and I can't wait to get started.
      Thank you for a wonderful introduction to the community and star citizen as a whole.
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