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3.7 Trading Prices to change soon


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Yesterday at 10:50 pm

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the effort you've put into this, and the passion you have for trading gameplay! I'm glad to hear that you loved the changes with 3.6.

As you pointed out, the prices in this 3.7 aren't just close to 3.5 prices, they're exactly 3.5 prices. Due to an oversight, old values for trade routes were added over the values set in 3.6 when we added new inventory for the hand-minable items. We've already taken measures to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again in the future.

Citizens, rejoice! 3.6 prices will be restored as soon as possible. Your diligence is very much appreciated, and your commitment is exactly what makes Star Citizen great!
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hmmmmm... I know some tweaking was necessary.... ( more than a little ), but people complaining because a large cargo ship (Caterpillar) making more money than a Titan chaps my ass.  It's a Caterpillar.... It carries more cargo..... That's how the Cargo running tech tree works.  /// Just like an Aurora should in NO WAY possibly beat a Vanguard.

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