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The Next star system we will see at Citizencon

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It makes a lot of sense that they would make the next system Pyro.

Comparatively little work to the time and effort put into Stanton. Pyro also connects to Nyx, which also connects to Virgil and Odin (the site of Squadron 42). This allows them to dump a pre-made system in due time while they prepare Virgil as the first taste of Vanduul-controlled space.


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      I've seen many rigs with touch screens in them and I know alot of us have been waiting for a software relating to StarCitizen, I don't know much about this company PMaxx or reviews on the software TITAN ACS (Advanced control system) yet, but I'm happy to see one is released this early on and for $5.45 US.
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      So....what is it? I'm guessing Arena Commander and Star Trooper will be ROM's? So this is where passes will go?
      Edit: Gerald figured it out its for the new REC.


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      Omg it's here! The long awaited Odin system!!! [original link]

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      I read somewhere a while back that there will be new unexplored systems that we will have to find and you will get certain perks like the ability to name the system and such. Personally this idea sounds amazing and hope they continue with it into the game. It would be cool to name a system after Imperium like Imperiumverse or even if you fly solo and manage to discovery one and name it after yourself. Maybe even small scale discoveries like black holes or new asteroid fields could be named as well?
      What do you guys think about this idea?
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