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Star Citizen Greatly Improved - Dive into 3.7

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21 hours ago, CaptainSomar said:

I am really hoping with the mission sharing, all the caves, plenty of biomes, and no more hover mode....  people come out of hiding/hiatus and start playing again.  I am having fun personally. 

That would be amazing. Everytime I log into discord/teamspeak it's empty.
I usually just log in to the PU and try to find someone to play with. It doesn't help that the servers still are rather limited as well. If more people would come back, that'd be grreeaaat.
Also, hopefully next year we'll see some form of org support if the servers expand to hold more people.

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On 10/10/2019 at 2:12 PM, Paploo said:

I think the most important thing for more players right now is not more gameplay, but rather stable servers and fewer crashes.

Unfortunately server stability will happen much later on in development because there is still so many gameplay features yet to be added. What you're suggesting: to make the servers stable and then add features -  wouldn't make sense if those same features then destabilize the server.

Hopefully, with SSOCS just around the corner, the servers will be stable enough to bring players back in their droves. 

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