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Star Citizen 3.6.2 Estimated Quantum Travel Times

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This makes the idea of using the 890J as a "Quantum ferry" even more viable. It shouldn't be too hard to set up a service beacon (visible to 890J pilots only) to get faster transport for your fighter to a destination on the other side of Stanton?

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Agreed, I would love to see a "carrier" type ship that could transport multiple smaller ships or release a 600i sized or similar to the Crucible that's a personal carrier for your 1-2 man fighter (with limitations, of course).  Kind of like a traveling home base.

Personally, I think the QT travel times as they stand today are too long for in-system travel when Star Citizen actually goes live (meaning all mechanics in play and multiple systems built out).  I'm not saying the travel times should be instantaneous, but I do think they could be a bit faster.  I say this only because I imagine we'll be doing a lot of travel in system for simple tasks (bounty hunting, simple courier missions, etc) and having to sit in your 1-seater ship will be very boring and a waste of time for some of us casual players just to get from point A to point B in the same system.

With faster travel times within the same system, I'd make travel times from system to system be slower.  Again, I imagine in-system cargo runs wouldn't net a very large profit, but traveling from system to system--meaning longer travel times--would result in higher profits for going farther.

Also, "blind QT" jumps--jumps without something on the other end acting like a beacon--would be slower as the QT system wouldn't have anything to lock onto.  This could make exploring still meaningful and worth charting courses  while doing so in the system.

(edit)  Speaking of beacons, fleets could setup "fleet beacons" only accessible by fleet members (say at like fleet bases) and could be QT'ed to quickly by those members, but anyone else the travel time would be slow as they don't have a beacon to guide them.

Just my own two cents...

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