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    • By Jieirn
      Just got home and started checking the responces. Considering that the thread we highjacked is back on course, we'll just make a new one:

      In all honesty I do agree with you. Partly.

      Its already in cannon that small fighter sized ships can make jumps, even if they have to be multiple short ones. If there is an option to play as a pilgrim then you would probably be able to make longer, much more dangerous jumps in a small ship, effectively a range boost. But jumps are different than a normal flight. Its my hope that having a smaller ship limits your normal flight range to something less than a larger slower vessel. Sure, a carrier or frieghter sized ship will be slow as hell but, it has everything a pilot needs on board.

      That said, there is a difference between a fighter sized craft and your normal cruiser we will probably all be in. For those who play EVE or are comparing this to it, that means no drones, we would be those drones. I was originally just pointing out that 2-3 small fighter ships that would be cheapest and most efficient to use to pirate, esspecially in the begining, should have no range.

      For all we know though, this could all be a moot point. Roberts mentions instances, like the areas we would be in would be housed on 64-128 man servers, so maybe each jump point is its own virtual server node on a cluster, much like the single universe of EVE is. We dont even know if we can own or hold that space or if we have to work with the government or something. The people who love space sims are going to have thousands of these questions, its just who we are. We may just have to wait till we get a few answers and hope that Roberts and his team let us in on the mechanics side of things.

      (Reading over this, its too obvious I was/am an EVE player)
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