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ArcCorp City production cost?

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Your question is worded strangely.

If you mean the in-universe cost of a skyscraper in ArcCorp then that info doesn't exist. It's just kind of implied that it's not severe enough a cost that a company couldn't cover a planet in them.

If you're talking about real world development time and resources to model and create a city in work hours, that's likely never going to be released since that's company financials.

If you're talking about resources in terms of memory an graphics to render a city in-game, then that's entirely dependent on the user's system.


Or did you mean something else?

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      This game is so awesome !!
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      Hello everybody, I have installed update to 3.5.0 live version, but I must do something Wrong. I start from Port Olisar, switch on spooling Quantum travel, try every direction, but not able to localize Arccorp planet. I see, Crusader, Yela, Deymar, com sattelites... but not Arccorp or its moon. Could someone give me an idea, what I must do to localize Arccorp planet? Thanks :)
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      I really enjoyed CitizenCon 2018.  I thought it was very well done, and the game is finally showing real progress.  CR's talk at the end laid out, in a general way, the major milestones remaining to make SC a fully playable game (I notice he carefully avoided using the words "complete" or "finished").  But that's assuming only gameplay improvements; it doesn't take into consideration fleshing out the 'verse with additional star systems.
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      If CIG manages to complete 3 entire systems every quarter, those times are 4.7, 6.2, and 7.5 years.
      If CIG somehow manages to complete 4 entire systems every quarter, times are actually reasonable: 3.5 years to complete all UEE, Unclaimed, and Developing systems (basically, all of UEE-sphere space); about another year to finish Banu and Xi'an systems, and another year - about 5 and a half years total - to finish every system on the current Star Map.  I'm not sure if this pace is possible, but it's what we'll need to see if we want the 'verse created in a reasonable time.  I think CIG is buiding the tools to allow them to quickly create and populate star systems.  Unique assets and hand-built locations would probably have to be kept to a minimum to meet this pace, if it's possible at all.
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