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In case you still need some help: 


  1. Click on 'Portal' in the top menu of the screen.
  2. Hover over 'Tools'.
  3. Select 'Teamspeak', click 'new registration and follow the instructions.
    There is also an Discord option which simply follows the same logic. Click it, carefully read through the instructions and your set. In both options there is a Helpdesk (sub-)channel, so don't be afraid to hop on in and ask away.

Note: Your Teamspeak username must match your forum profile name with all the upper-, lowercases and numbers for the bot to give you the right permissions right away.

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    • By ixerer
      Hello, as we live in tough times, I need to get rid of some ships.
      First one I would like to sell is  AEGIS RETALIATOR

      Price: SOLD
      I accept cryptocurrency only, preferably Bitcoin.(PayPal always puts my money on hold- if you can help me on how to fix it I would be grateful if you could PM me)
      As I am new to the forum I will be happy to go first(trusted members) 
    • By CaptainSomar
      Want to sell standalone ship - WTS AEGIS JAVELIN - WARBOND - ILW2950 LTI
      $2700 plus Paypal fees 
      At COST !!!!... Just trying to help out those that missed the F5 war
    • By Pockets
      I have been looking at the various videos, adverts, the star citizen site ect and everything seems to say mmo player, but when I try to down load the game it says single player. I keep thinking I am going to be paying all this money for a game that isn't suited to my play. So i figured I'd just go for it and ask people that know. Is this game a multi player game, like eve-online where you can be together it alliances and community and fly together and cooperate to develop or is this a single player game where you just play sims and shoot npc? Do you get to shoot other players and battle, and walk around with other players like in wow or is it purely single player like sims4 with spaceships so to speak?
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      Hi, anyone willing to let go of a hammerhead (not best in show edition) with LTI for $600 or less?
    • By JoGS
      Hellooo..! main question here : --->> what is the best hardware upgrade (price/performance) for me to run SC smoother <<---
      I started playing SC recently and I thought my hardware wopuld be strong enough to run SC smooth on 1080P everywhere.
      But in Loreville I get like 20 FPS or even less with much stuttering.

      https://robertsspaceindustries.com/telemetry <--- says I shoud run 36,6 FPS on average but I got a feeling that's not correct. (I got GPU score 125, CPU score 100 btw)
      Is my PC underperforming? Or should I simply upgrade.. and if so... what is the best upgrade for better SC performance.

      My current hardware:
      Mboard:            ASRock B450M Pro4-F    
      Processor:         AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Wraith Boxed (3,4g)
      GPU:            Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OC (6Gb)
      Memory:            G.Skill Aegis F4-3000C16D-16GISB (16gb)
      Funny thing is that running SC on 3 monitors (1080p) doesnt even give that much FPS loss... weird.
      Thanks for all your replies
      A new citizen
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