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Devil Khan

JapanIku ebook/booklet(?)

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Just found this on Etsy. Quite a good little book to read. The Illustrator was in Japan twice and going back soon it appears. It was a "How cheap can I go" sort of thing.

This is the promo video. The video is amazing alone, she did it all by herself in a few days!

Also I checked her vlogs while she was in Japan, pretty good, Btw this is her main site IkuTree



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That first video is pretty nicely done. Very artistic for sure. That sketchbook looks neat.

Tokyo is pretty cool, I've been there myself last year for a couple of weeks.
I'd love to go back there some time. I was with friends during the winter and never made time to do some sketching, which in hindsight I'm kind of regretting.
Maybe something to do if i ever go back there.

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