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Hey everyone!! I am from Spain, 37 y/o and with some years in this project. I´ve been absent for some time but now I feel like I want to give a new chance to this game, mostly with the 890 about to be released! So here I am. Anything you want to ask, here I am.

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    • By [≡☠≡] フの乇 ムノレレノム刀
      Hello, I'm Ĵǿƹ ĞɨŁŁɨąɲ and i'm☠️... 
      Leader of 7H3 WH173 R48817
      We will see in the Verse ! 

    • By Baelthor
      Hi, I'm Baelthor (My name is Víctor), I'm from Spain and I hope I can enjoy my stay here. My focus in-game will be Science, Research and Exploration so I will try to enter these type of units/division in Imperium to be able to share knowledge with scientist comrades.
      My only ship is a Reliant Kore named Céfiro that I plan to upgrade to a Reliant Sen when It is available, I purchased the Aurora MR Starter Package in 2015 (Squadron 42, Star Citizen game and 3 month insurance) and Upgraded the Aurora MR to Reliant Kore some weeks ago planning to take Reliant Sen as soon as is available.
      My objetives are discover and research as much as possible (Fauna, Flora, new minerals and everything possible in the world of Star Citizen) , I only plan to have the Reliant Sen as my solo ship and eventually with ingame credits have my own Endeavor (Not intermediary ships because I just will do Science/Research). I'll try to use all my knowledge to be able to provide this Org with the highest tier of materials and resources (I suppose we will be able to provide a large range of items as medical supplies, food, high tech pieces, blueprints, etc...)  that will be available with the profession of Scientist to help other division/units of this Org.
      Thank you for reading and see you around.
    • By Chacalex34
      Hi Everyone,
      I'm Chacalex34 : french forty year old player from Montpellier*, France. As far back as I can remember, i always be attracted by science fiction :book, movies, french comics... Star Citizen is a dream coming true, well I hope results will be on the top.
      *I already drink beers with Firehawk...
      I'm looking for gameplay based on complementarity of crew members and make the best of them. Teamplay first !
      I play Star Citizen  75% FPS ( star marine ), and 25% pilot ( arena commander/PU ), but in comparison I play Elite-Dangerous only transport : because i prefer SC fly model for dogfight.
      Well its enough for today,
      see you soon !
      The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology :
      You are 67% Socialiser
      What Bartle says:
      You are also:
      60% Achiever
      40% Killer
      33% Explorer
      This result may be abbreviated as SAKE
    • By Firehawk
      Hello there 

      I'm a french guy from Montpellier, France, aged 39 when writing this. I am very fond of everything that concerns space, from close or from afar : be it reading magazines, observing the skies, or playing space-oriented games (from TIE Fighter to SC, though Freelancer and all the like). 
      I'm an able pilot, not an ace for sure, but not a beginner either : in combats i can quite defend myself, sometimes taking upto 3 ships at the same time if i'm on form, and in maneuvers i'm perfectly at ease with, well, anyting really.
      So why Imperium? 
      Because of the structure, because of the freedom it offers (so many different mission types!), because it feels comforting, and last but not least, because of the great feeling of security it offers. After all, unity means strength. I also really like the idea of an Academy, since i'm a guy who's always aiming to learn new things.
      Apart from all this, i've spent over 8 years in Indian Himalayas, learning languages and calligraphy, as well as philosophy and other fields of knowledge. I speak fluently tibetan, and i can manage in Hindi as well. Very fond of Scuba Diving, i like the beauty and the quiet. Sa as a result of all this, i'm quite a peaceful guy, the one you rarely hear complaining (no wonder I guess, after such a long time in the Himalayas...)
      I'm looking forward to meet you guys up there, or to simply chat with you in order to know you better.
      Thanks for reading !
    • By jackalj
      At Citizencon this year Chris said they couldn't finish the SQ42 demo in time for the presentation.
      Has there been any news or rumours of when this demo will be shown? I do believe that Chris said they would show it in the near future. Well he also said last year that we would see more of SQ42 soon... So I hope we see something around Christmas.
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