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Aegis Concept for August 2019????

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Well.... it looks a lot like the Anvil Carrack...... but it is definetly an Aegis ship with the name on the upper left bulkhead and the symbol on the ground at the front of the picture.   It looks to me like an exploration ship to compete with the Carrack......... but we have tons of Exploration ships already (but it is the most popular profession).   My guess is that it will be the next concept ship and it will be larger than an RSI Aquila but smaller than an Anvil Carrack (and that would be a sweat spot if it is an exploration ship ------ since we need more Medium Size ships....... not more large or small ships)

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8 side work stations???  I know it's concept images and it could be old concept.... but at this point... it's all I have to look forward to with this game 😂

To be honest... I am already sick of Aegis with them flooding the market.  Some new Crusader ships or anything non Aegis would have been a welcome.  But I understand it's the most flushed out manufacture, so they can hammer these out.  

😲...... could it be the Redeemer gunship reworked to be a mini Hammerhead????  Only time will tell. 

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Maybe it's concept art for an upcoming Aegis ship. The size of the command bridge and number of stations make it look like something between a corvette and a frigate in terms of size. These were made by Gia Nguyen. Over on his ArtStation he mentions the following: 



Command bridge

An art test for CIG, it was fun to do, except the stress of crashing 3ds Max constantly.



Here are some more images:




So it could be nothing more than a test or it could be some new modular ship design that CIG is working on. Either way I can't wait to see the Aegis event in August. :)

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Small tidbit from the Squadron 42 Update email that was sent out in April 2019:


So it does sound like CIG may indeed have been working on another Aegis(?) capital ship for several months already. So who knows, if the images shown above are real this might be the bridge of an Aegis Light Frigate or something that is being fast-tracked for SQ42 (just like the Hammerhead was). :D

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