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Just introducing myself and giving a friendly nudge to the recruiters. I have submitted an application in Star Citizen to join the Imperium. 


- Kind regards, 

Sephirah Winterheart

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    • By LeMecano7734
      Hey there pilots and freelancers!
      The Infidels are looking for new officers and recruiters for the Org. We are Regular gamers, which means we will be online at least 2 or 3 times a week for at least an hour. We will be simulating a bit of RP and following ranks and decorations. We will take part in security contracts and bounty hunting, since we are a Private Military Company.
      You don't need to have a big ship, a fighter is required at the very least. We look forward to aqcuire a Polaris as our Capital ship, or an Idris if the organisation grows in size.
      Let's bring the big guns!
       Join us on Teamspeak:can1.thegamemonsters.com:10004

    • By MadRoboto
      Currently recruiting the following:
      -Designer (marketing pieces ie: logo-backdrops-tags-etc...)
      -Writer/Editor (articles, branding, forum posts and more...)
      -Proof of being a Robot (Official avatar displays a robot, can be any quality image)
      -Meet or exceed all below human characteristics settings (Software with various acceptable preset characteristics for download coming soon)
                                          -Humour level 70+
                                          -Common Sense level 80+
                                          -Respect level 70+
                                          -Positivity level 50+
                                          -Open mindness level 70+
      Have questions? Find us on Discord
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