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Greeting fellow comrades

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Hello and welcome. :)

Sorry to hear that your application has not been accepted yet. Wish I could help out but I'm just a 'grunt'. :P 

Maybe the ones in charge of accepting new members are just on summer holiday or something? At any rate, I'm sure it will get sorted. ;)


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    • By Porroo
      Hello!  New player maybe coming from elite dangerous! I am vr player so hows this? Is it possible? 
      Tell me all pros and cons from this game?
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Hey, happy to found the base
      MacOwain here, in short Mac or Owi and I'm from germany. I'm super new to SC, but follower since the beginning.
      Finally I managed to enter the verse with a freelancer pledge and for the beginning, I really enjoy flying some trade routes.
      But let's see where SC will bring me up in the future... I'm most excited for: exploring the verse and ofc all upcoming patches
      Ah and btw, I've submitted an organization application.
    • By BushyBaws
      New to the game and forums, watched unlimited amounts of videos on youtube, before i upgraded my comp' to play this game.
      33 Years old, so should really know better plus my wife actually "allowed" me to upgrade and purchase the base universe game with starter ship Aurora MR.
      I have been warned not to spend anymore money on larger ships already, so i value my life and feel it would be beneficial for me to stay within my wife's good books, at least until the UEC allows us to purchase ships with that hard-in-game-earned-cash.
      I've not played much to be honest, as with working hours it's hard to get any game time in, however...I am able to jump on after work now after changing jobs recently so more so looking for any fellow minded players who fancy doing a bit of everything really or to show me different places to visit or cool things to see...if you had a bigger ship then ideal, if not then i could perhaps tail along behind you?
      Anyhoo...safe travels
    • By Basheron
      After much research, I decided to apply to to Imperium! 

      I'm a former EVE pilot, and my late game experience was with a smaller organization that held operations in a wormhole. It was a great experience, but I think I missed out on a lot of larger scale organized game play that the alliances got to experience in null-sec.

      My requirements for an organization were the following:
      zero tolerance for piracy large scale organization gameplay with specialty units null-sec operations effective organization through technology From my limited understanding of Imperium I hope this is where my Star Citizen career can thrive. I look forward to meeting you all, if y'all will have me!

      I'm a kickstarter supporter from November 2012. I've been looking forward to this game for a very long time! I've also pledged for an Outland Pioneer, since I enjoy economic side of gaming as much as the pewpews.
      Gotta end with a joke, so here's a practical one: I fly planes for a living, so this meme is kinda accurate  

      Edit: Added my package & ship info
    • By azile0
      Hey folks, I've been out and away since 2014. Heard rumblings about 3.0 being on the horizon, so I've dived back in. A bit about me- I'm a Golden Ticket holder, with an Arbiter package (back from way back when). It's given me an Origin 325a with LTI, which I absolutely adore. I am also looking at acquiring a larger vessel for future group play, including a Carrack and/or Banu Merchantman. 
      Looking forward to being more involved in Imperium, and Star Citizen in general! I don't know if I need to re-apply as I was previously interviewed and accepted, but I'll start reaching out to the relevant people. 
      Edit: accidental double post, if a mod could please delete one!
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