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**(FFK) Fleet of The Faithful Knights Recruiting**


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(FFK)Fleet of The Faithful Knights

⋯ LORE ⋯

The Holy Knight has long since been forgotten for 1,500 years, For centuries the Holy Order of Knights had dedicated themselves to the safe passage of pilgrims to the Holy Land. They protected the travelers from thieves, robbers, and entire enemy armies. They were elite holy warriors. They dedicated their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to this cause. Through force, they brought peace and security to the land.

Now, in the year 2950, the Holy Order of Knights has once again risen to combat the ever-rising threat of the Vanduul, and of pirates, that plague this universe.

The Fleet of the Faithful Knights is a beacon of light in a dark verse - and we are growing in numbers daily.

FFK Divisions



❖ Gunners 
❖ Pilots 
❖ Explorers 
❖ Traders 
❖ Industrialists 
❖ Scouts 
❖ Logistics Personnel 



⨳ Comradery & Activity 
⨳ Survey Contracts 
⨳ Training & Resources 



A Faithful Knight is truly a fearless warrior that will never shy away from battles.

If you are honorable, you will welcome us. If you are also brave, then you will wish to join us and be a member of a truly powerful organization that has one mission: To be a beacon of light in a dark universe and crush the darkness wherever it hides.

If you are an enemy of the pure, the righteous, and the kind, then YOU WILL FEAR US!



RSI Page






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Greetings. This is Edge from fleet of the Faithful Knights. I am one of the Sergeants and active recruiters for the org... so let me fill some of you in on who we are. In simple terms, we are the Knights Templar. We protect the innocent, defend the law, and want peace within the universe. Because of who we are, we are a self-sufficient PMC who ranges gameplay divisions from various loops. Looking to be in a squadron of fighters or bombers and hunt pirates? Come on in. We offer escort to lawful players within the universe to ensure they reach their destination safely. Looking to become part of a mining or trade corporation? As I said we are self-sufficient and there's never enough logistics. Want to be an explorer? Turret gunner ,designated pilot, ship crew? We are open and have plenty of room for players who are into all gameplay aspects.. However, there are only 2 types of gameplay that we do not stand for. Because of who we are, we are against piracy and smuggling. There are enough pirates and smugglers out there already. Besides, someone has to give the pirates a run for their money. And there are far better ways to make money in Star Citizen than drug trading. So once again. Come stop by! Me, Zelix, and the other recruiters are always open to questions.

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On 1/3/2020 at 10:32 AM, Mickgoth said:

Hey, just wondering where most of your player base is located, US, Europe...? thanks

Hey MickGoth,
We have US time based players EU and AUS our main base consist of US players myself is based in AU/NZ , feel free to jump into discord and have a chat

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