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    • By Athoz
      I'm new here,hi.
    • By rune2099
      Hi all, I'm from the UK, and signed up to SC last month and pledged with an Aurora MR+ Not sure what kind of pledge it is, possibly mercenary. Really looking forward to the dog-fighting module. Recently been upgrading my PC in order to play SC. Now running a Gigabyte 970a-UD3, 8GB Corsair vengeance 1600 and a phenom ii x4 955. Annoyingly my graphics still needs an update and is currently a GTX 260 DX 10 card, also annoyingly I wasn't in time to try the DX10 hack. Anyway looking to get an AMD HD7950 / AMD HD7970 and if I can't find a cheap one then an AMD R9 270X. I'm 39 and remember playing and completing Privateer a long time ago - it had such an awesome atmosphere (back then) Also 4mb EDO RAM was over £100.00 back in the day. I've joined Imperium as well.  
      Most looking forward to epic fire fights, and being able to dock your ship and then casually get out and walk to a bar for a drink

      Edit - I left Imperium and then rejoined not realising it needed to remain my main organisation.
      I am now a recruit again, can I be put back to fleet member please?
    • By CheeseNorris
      Hi All,
      Selling all the below to fund for an Armada Package. Alternatively also accepting trades of the equivalent value.
      Prices in USD
      Esperia Glaive LTI: $440 (Imperium), $475 (Others) Retaliator Base LTI: $145 Vanguard Harbinger LTI: $280 Hull A: $90 [Sold] AMD Package w/Mustang Delta (Upgraded): $50 Buyer covers paypal fees, accepting Middleman but buyer covers MM fees. Buyers from +8 GMT I have a trusted middleman in our timezone
      I have a history of trades in this forums. Dealing with Paypal verified users only. If all aren't sold in 24 hours they will be melted for the pack.. thanks for viewing.
      Update: Sales extended for 20 days.
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