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    • By Usul Pillar
      This video shows the Eclipse attacking a HammerHead in stealth mode.
      We can see the stop of the components to obtain the stealth mode.
    • By Donut
      This... Truly makes the universe feel alive
    • By Chimaera
      For those of us who go back far enough, we remember when CIG and CR promoted this game on the SC website back when the game was still in the kickstarter phase. Those people who backed the game also got a SC-based reward (eventually). Well, they've released their reveal trailer and release date, and it's using the same engine as SC. That said, the game's animations and graphics look nothing like what we have from SC, but definitely what we could've seen if CIG had decided to release SQ42 or SC before now.
      Check it out and feel free to discuss below.
    • By Switch
      @Terallian is starting up a new series "Combined Arms" and it looks amazing! 
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