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I'm new here and was delighted to find this org with its intentions. Have my small fleet that are mostly focused on industrial and exploration. 

What I offer is in the areas of planning at a strategical and operational level. 

See you all in the verse!

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Thanks! Yes I'm really interested in how the exploration game mechanic will turn out. But if the verse continue to grow hopefully the needs will be endless. Hopefully there'll be a lot of fun roleplaying when we get there as well :)

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I would love to have exploration/data mechanics be prevalent throughout the verse, I can imagine discovering some "data item" (like a mining location, potential outpost vista, even a jump point!) and then selling that information.

The gameplay loop sounds exciting. Imperium could have teams in Carracks exploring each new star system as they come online, having Heralds/Star Runners transferring that data back to a central command, or selling industrial data. The roleplaying opportunities of being on a long term exploration ship are great too, I'm imagining a Firefly or Dark Matter. 


Maybe we'll be on a ship one day! :)

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Maybe! :) That's the most amazing features with this game. The ability to do both solo runs and huge org cooperations. The Carrack was actually the reason I got into SC and since I'm living with a total Star Trek geek I'm 'afraid' I have to buy two gaming VR machines when the game matures. 

Roleplaying will be a huge part for me at least. Will grow tired of dogfighting way sooner then roleplaying ;)

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