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Want to Sell WTS - Full Account [Digital Mercenary Package] with LTI Ships [Reclaimer, Dragonfly Yellowjacket, Merchantman, Aquila, Super Hornet]

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Due to a change in circumstances [and habits], I'm looking to sell my account. I've had it since 2013 but have hardly used it. I just don't have the time to game anymore and when I do, I stick to singleplayer games. Hence I thought it was about time I try to see if I can get something back as I know when it finally is released, I just won't have the necessary time to commit. All the ships are tied to the account and can not be gifted. Some were purchased on a Ad Hoc basis from grey market as I tended to miss the concept sales. All upgrades mentioned have NOT been applied. There is a handle change too. Obviously also has a load of the milestone rewards, some $0 CCUs, UEC28,500 and REC5,000. Trade In Value is $935.

I'm based in the UK so not sure if that makes a difference but thought I'd mention it. I'm not sure whats fair [If anyone has feedback then please mention it] but I was looking at getting $800 including Fees but am willing to accept offers.  I accept payment by paypal [I'm verified] and also have an Ebay account with '261' 100% feedback, if anyone feels safer going through that.



*Digital Mercenary Package [Aurora MR, 1000 UEC, Legacy Alpha, 3 Month Insurance, Squadron 42, Star Citizen, Manual]


*Drake Dragonfly Yellowjacket LTI [Concept Sale]


*F7C-S Hornet Ghost LTI [Upgraded Origin 85X]
UPGRADE [NOT APPLIED]: Ghost > Constellation Aquila


*F7C-M Super Hornet LTI [Upgraded Origin 85X]
UPGRADE [NOT APPLIED]: F7C-M Super Hornet > Merchantman

*Reclaimer LTI [Upgraded Kruger P-72]






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      EXPLORATION MEGA-PACK - LTI  - 930$ including PayPal fees

    • By chop_yo
      Bought the account a while ago, needs to go. Open to offers, melt amount of credits is 35 USD, upgrade the aurora to a ship you want and you can get lti on any ship. Offers open

      Willing to sell the account entirely or gift it, whatever you want
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      All ships CCU'ed and with LTI 
      PayPal fees included to the price
      --- AEGIS NAUTILUS LTI --- $675
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      --- AEGIS SENTINEL LTI --- $270
      --- AEGIS HARBINGER LTI --- $285
      --- AEGIS WARDEN LTI --- $255
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      --- C.I. HERCULES A2 LTI --- $670 (limited hull since January 2019)
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      --- MISC HULL C LTI --- $250
      --- MISC HULL D LTI --- $350
      --- MISC STARFARER GEMENI LTI --- $330
      --- ORIGIN 600 TOURING LTI --- $360
      --- ORIGIN 600 EXPLORATION LTI --- $400
      --- RSI POLARIS LTI --- $690
      --- RSI ORION LTI --- $370 (limited hull since January 2019)
      --- RSI APOLLO TRIAGE LTI --- $245
      --- RSI APOLLO MEDIVAC LTI --- $270
      --- HAMMERHEAD LTI --- $660
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