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tag? Thrustmazter setup

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I've been really trying hard to get it to work in SC.. I've read a lot of posts but I can't seem to master it.. It seems that I have to go through the entire station, and find the bay where it is. then I can enter the ship …

I would prefer to load the ship into the hanger which is a lot faster..  But there's an issue with the icons they're very sensitive and I have to spent a lot of time in getting them to open.. And after I'm successful in entering the ship the warthog controls are not responding. I can't even use the key board.. So I'm dead in the water or should I say space..  Another question is can I actually fly out of the hanger

It's only about a week since I was able to finally download the game, I know that it still in beta but it seems like a lot of people have been able to do some amazing things here. I'm really excited to actually get proficient in SC


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It's unfortunate to hear you're having issues. I am using a Thrustmaster Warthog setup myself, it seems to be working fine.
Before we get to fixing your control issue, I have to say that currently the hangar and the universe are seperate entities, so loading your ship to a landing pad and then making your way there is the only way of accessing your ships within the Universe mode.

The developers have said that at some point in time they will add our personal hangars to the universe, but we are not there yet... so right now you can't fly from your personal hangar. Sorry :(

Now lets get to solving your controls. Lets see if this helps.

First of all, before launching the game or the launcher, delete your USER folder,
by default this is located at Local Disk (C:)\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\Live
Don't worry, this is only to make sure you've cleared any user settings.

Right now all your settings should be default. the game should now allow you to play with the keyboard and mouse.
But you want to get your warthog working so do the following:

When you've launched the game, go into Options and select Keybindings.
At the bottom left you should see a button Advanced controls customization.
When you click that, you get the advanced options. Click on "control profiles", the second button on the bottom right.

Here you will get a window with different control profiles. Select Thrustmaster Warthog from the list.
You can now set your first and second "joystick" to "joystick" and "joystick(1)".

I know, this is kind of confusing but the top "Joystick" is your actual joystick and the second is your throttle.
So set these to "joystick" and "joystick(1)" respectively.

(Oh how I wish those would actually say "Joystick and Throttle", that would make it so much clearer... )

Now you should have your default hotas controls set up. You should now be able to see and change the bindings in the list within "Advanced Controls Customization".
I hope this helps.

edit: if you are still having problems after this, try asking for help on spectrum, RSI's official forums and support channels.

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Ok thanks for your excellent suggestions...  These have really helped me considerably. It s a  pity that the hanger mods aren't fully functional as of yet. I would actually save time in loading up the game ….  

One other thing that would help considerably is a link to a Warthog HOTA profile for 3.5...

I've found a few but they're not really up to date'....


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The in-game currency we use right now is called aUEC, (alpha United Earth Credits) and is only generated within the game.

The currency that you see mentioned on the website, which is included with pledge packages, is UEC, which we'll use when the game goes out of alpha and beta.
To make money in game you can do missions which you can find in your MobiGlas (press F1) and go to your available missions. There currently are some pick-up/drop off missions for packages, retrieving blackboxes from wrecks, clearing out some NPC outlaws from bases or dogfight in space, some outlaw missions to blow up stuff or enabling/disabling satelites.. that sort of thing.  You can also do some mining if you have access to a mining ship or even do some cargo-runs if you have a ship that can carry cargo.

The reason we're all using aUEC in the game right now is because it allows CIG to test with currency and balance without messing with everyone's currency they paid for to use within the final release of the game, and every quarterly patch everyone's aUEC is reset.

As far as other Warthog profiles, I'm not sure if there are any other for 3.5, since the patch just launched.
What worked best for me is load the default profile and then i just messed around in Advanced Control Customization to get the bindings I prefer.

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