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Trak - Aka Steve Snyder

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Hello All,

       I regret to inform you that our dear friend,  known here as Trak, passed away last Saturday morning April 6th.  His sudden and unexplained death has come as a shock to all who knew him, as a healthy and vibrant individual. He dedicated his life to civil service having just retired from the Orange Country Fire and Rescue after 25+ yrs. and moving to Texas with his wife to start a new life.

     It would be an understatement to say; he was one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure to met and count myself blessed to say he was my friend. 


picture - left to right Dion - Mark - Steve (Trak)


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I also knew Trak and he actually connected me with Ben Lensick (way back in the early years of SC) to help me with an account issue I had.   I know he had a chance to visit CIG a few times and knew a number of them well.   He was in Blood Moon (unit) for awhile until he split off to form his own Org.   Very sad to hear of his passing :(

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@Trak was actually a member in Imperium for a good while before he branched out to make an org that was specifically built around the people he knew and worked with who wanted to focus hardcore on Arena Commander. As such he went from member to foreign dignitary, and it was my pleasure for nearly half a decade to talk to him very often. He was a good friend who helped my wife and I get ourselves situated in LA when we visited there for our late Honeymoon, and even took time out of his busy schedule (multiple fires) to take us to the Stinkin Rose. He was awesome, and was one of the first people I shared my daughter's birth with. When I saw his family's post it broke me. My wife and I have been mourning him, and we have been grateful for the communications to us from his children. 

He was a literal giant of a man, with a great heart, and I hope his family can find solace in the number of people who have been giving support to them after their loss.

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