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krakenbeers here, just started playing two days ago. 

I really like it so far, but boy is it buggy. It took me 17 missions before I was able to finally complete one. ( #1 reason for failed missions: BUGS) 

I'm trying to upgrade my ships weapons from ballistic to energy but it's really hard to find a place that sells energy weapons.  I wish there was a map showing locations of shops. I ran around Loreville (HURSTON: TEASA SPACEPORT) for an hour and couldn't find a shop that sold frickin laser weapons for my ship!

I know it's still in development and I feel it's going to be an ongoing development but it would be nice to get it to a OFFICIAL RELEASE point where at least 90% is workable. 

Any advise for a noob? So far I was told to overclock coolers and thrusters, turn of COMSTAB, change ship weapons from ballistic to energy, get a good gun & stock up on ammo, med and O2 which I did already, do bunker clearing missions. Did I miss anything? Please give an old Wing Commander Veteran some guidance!!!!

My ship(s) are basic entry level Aurora and Mustang.

Thanks, and see you in the broken universe!


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