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    • By MorganMajestic
      I am a proud collector of many a game and builder of my own computer, and I've always, always loved scifi and spaceships and all that sorta stuff. However, no game has ever really filled the niche of scifi spacegame and all that openworld jazz-- Space Engineers did, for a time, but it grew too lonely, too unfulfilling, because even with how much I loved building and space (and SE does a fantastic job of combining them, even back when I started playing it years before its full release), it didn't really have atmosphere, challenge, or reward. Elite Dangerous held my attention for a short while, but I quickly grew tired of it and found myself off-put by how disconnected everything is-- you remain in your ship the entire time, and little more, without paying a significant extra just for land vehicles-- and with real money, you couldn't get them with the base game at all, which was, again, off-putting. I've always heard there's a great deal more to Elite Dangerous, but its a game that didn't grab my attention and let me really enjoy the fact that I'm in *space.*

      So I ask, is it worth to get this? Now, I don't mind bugs and the like-- so long as it doesn't truly *break* the game (ship being destroyed, for example, and unable to regain it), I'm fine with bugs. I've a long history of grabbing games in alpha or beta and enjoying them just fine, bugs and all. I'm just asking if it's feasible to play it, to run missions or build outposts or whatever (I recall watching a few videos on the topic some time ago). How hard is it to team up with people-- would casually playing it in the afternoon possibly lead to actually making and joining a community? Are there groups, clans, factions that are recruiting?
      Is it worth playing, and if I do get it, would I end up playing alone or how likely would it be that I could end up attached to some people, wingmen to play with?
      I'm quite willing to buy into the game. Just not sure if I'd enjoy it and be able to laugh afterwards.
    • By Shtefs
      My wife is a huge StarCitizen fan, a backer from way back in the day.
      We recently moved to Austin, and were quite busy with said move.
      I got on today hoping to buy her a ticket, only to see that the con is sold out.
      Is there any other way to get a ticket or access to the event? Could she work the event, or help out a member of the press?
      Anything would help, she was really devastated not being able to go...
      Thank you.
    • By Victor Vector
      Ok, I decided to finally give 3.0 a try. That was my first mistake.
      I managed to get some cargo and load my freelancer and take off. I also took a contract and headed to the pick up point. Whilst trying to figure out the illegible star map and quantum drive the damn game crashed to desktop.
      The launcher said "Game running" which it obviously wasn't. I then closed the launcher and started again. The game launched with me back in my box bunk, back in Olisar.
      Ok I can't get my freelancer because its stuck out there in the void somewhere and the persistent universe has persisted in stealing half my credits all because the damn game crashed. Hardly my fault.
      So I've no ship and only half my starting credits. How do I get out of this one? Please. I thought if the game crashed you were supposed to respawn in your ship at the location you were at when the game crashed. Evidently not.
      As its the persistent universe, I doubt deleting the game fully and re-downloading and installing it from scratch would affect the persistence as its on their servers. Any help appreciated - even if its only "Tough, you're f***ed"
      So far, not the experience I was looking for. There was a good point though - at least this time the frame rates didn't make my eyes hurt. They weren't good but at least it was playable.
    • By Mal
      Would it be possible for one to distribute their loginData.json file without jeopardizing their account? It would be for the purpose of testing Star Citizen without an account. Another possible option is usage of a loginData.json file created by logging in with an unpaid account during a free-fly period. 
    • By Sam87
      hi ive recently started streaming star citizen as i have now subsrcibed as 3.0 is just around the corner ive been a backer for nearly 3 years now , im trying to get my view numbers up lol if you could plz just have a quick watch or maybe just hit like or sub if you like i will always sub back , share the love of the verse , many thanks in advance hope you have a great day , see you in the void  
      i have about 30 videos now and post new ones most days , hope you enjoy
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