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Hello, My name is Lunadea Irae Alinume... Commonly known as Lia. I am a newbe and I just have the starting pack with an Aurora MR. But I just saw some ships on sale that interest me ;) (got a long list in which : The Avenger Warlock, The Hawk, the 600i explo, the freelancer DUR, the prospector, the reclaimer and finaly the Orion (it's my child's name <3)

I am French and I play with some friends in an onrganization.

Then nice to meet you and hope this game will be publish one day !

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    • By Lathas
      My name is Pep and I discovered SC long time ago when I was looking some gameplays on youtube, however, 3 days ago I decided to buy a ship so I could play on it.
      At the time that I am creating this thread my hangar has:
        - Drake Cutlass Black
        - Anvil F7C-R Hornet Tracker
      To be honest, I bought this ships without game knowledge but I like both of them because I am able to do some "all-type" missions with the Cutlass Black and I can use my Hornet as pathfinder & "try of fighter".  ( I would also be happy to hear your opinions/reviews of the Hornet Tracker ).
      I wanted to not only join Imperium but I'd like to hopefully be useful to the Org and thrive within it ( whenever I train ).
      I look forward to getting to know you all better, Lathas
    • By StratoCrewzr
      Just posted this hoping to inspire the developers into utilizing modern day Arrival and Departure procedures for congested airspace into the game when we fly in and out of busy urban environments. 
    • By K!llsw!tch
      Greetings from Oregon,

      I've been PC games since about 2004 (CoD2, AA). Even earlier than that, in elementary school I used to collect cans with my friends so we can play CS 1.6 at the LAN center.

      I was in the Marine Corps from 2010-2015 as a V-22 Mechanic, and was a Sergeant when I EAS'd. Now I'm finishing up a degree in Computer Networking. Most weekends you can find me on steam playing CSGO or ARMA 3, but I'm starting to play SC more regularly. My drink of choice is Kraken
      Steam Profile - SC Profile

    • By Kami Ren
      Hallo people,
      I just got accepted as a Full Member of Imperium and it feels great. I am new to everything, organisation and Ingame, so I have almost none knowledge about either of these things, but I take my time. -
      What are you guys doing in this very moment on Star CItizen? I bought Squadrom 42 and have acces only to Arena Commander, so far, but what I can play with other people are only the Racing games. Public matches are not working for some reason (I am alone and waiting for more players everytime). So what are you doing ingame to make money and other lootable things?
    • By RonnySize
      I am a new member of these forums, and hopefully once my application has been processed, of the Imperium organisation. I have been a backer of Star Citizen since 2013, with a Rear Admiral package to my name. I intend to be an explorer primarily in the PU, though I fully intend to dabble in other professions too.
      I've recently become a tad more active on the RSI forums, and in the meantime I run a weekly Star Citizen related news publication called "Citizen's Journal" over at http://www.savecontinue.com/ . I invite you to check it out!
      Glad to be on board!
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