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Today at 3:55 pm
Hi everyone,

These tutorials were specifically crafted for immediate use with the current patch (3.4.3). These tutorials are aimed at updating the existing tutorials that have lived on our How To page here

Our plan is to continuously update our tutorials so they remain relevant and helpful. We’ve had a influx of new players of late so will be giving them as much outside of the game support as possible while we work to provide more in-game information.

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I loved how Zyloh was forced to add that addendum after the video released and the "vocal" part of the community shredded them for releasing tutorials just a few short weeks before much of the information was to be made irrelevant by patch 3.5. Which I actually agree with, it was very poor timing, as usual. 

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      Anyone knows where the ingame tutorial has gone? There used to be a series of tutorials showing you the controls, taking off, landing, fighting stuff like that... 
      I haven't played the game for a long time and would like to practice a bit, so I know what has changed and get a good feel of the controls.
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      I wanted to share this, could be useful for aspiring unit and fleet commanders.
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      Is there any online tutorial, from a normal person, explaining what to do?
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      This video shows you how to setup the two profiles I use to achieve glory in battle!
      NOTE: Due to some bug with YouTube or Firefox,Firefox users may not be able to go past 360p. If this happens then view it on Chrome instead.
    • By Jetbo
      "Noesis no longer works for a large number of files. Until the Cryengine plugin can get updated, this thread is probably a dead end".  Refer to
      A quick tutorial on how to export the Star Citizen ships from the Hangar Module with proper material setup. You don't even need the CryEngine SDK to do it! (but it helps)  This method can also be used for any Star Citizen asset currently in the Hangar Module.  This usually isn't a seamless method, sometime you will have to combine methods and use a little bit of ingenuity to get things working correctly.  I'll update this with the CryEngine method soon.
      Updated 2/28/2014.
      If you don't have success using this method, try just exporting the ship directly from the CryEngine Editor as .obj file.  Refer to the Known Issues sections for more info.
      Example of the 300i in 3dsMax with sexy shaders and HDRI lighting:

      Software you will need:
      7-Zip or WinRAR
      CryEngine model plugin for Noesis
      Blender or 3dsmax or Maya or whatever rendering program you use. The program must support importing .obj files!
      CryEngine SDK (optional, helps with the construction of materials)
      The Tutorial:
      Getting the geometry:
      1. Install the software listed above
      2. Navigate to where you installed the Hangar Module. (it's usually installed at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\StarCitizen)

      3. Make a backup of the StarCitizen folder just in case you fuck something up. (optional)
      4. Navigate inside the StarCitizen folder to \CitizenClient\Data.  In the Data folder you will find .pak files.  Look for the ship you want.  Ships are named "Objects(ShipNameHere).pak"

      5. Using 7-zip or Winrar, extract the .pak file you want to work with.
      6. Open up Noesis and go to the folder you just extracted the .pak files into.
      7. Navigate down till you see a .cgf file.

      8. Click on the .cgf file and go to File -> Export.
      Set your destination folder to where you want to export Set "Main output type" to ".obj - WaveFront OBJ" Check "Flip UV's" Hit "Export"

      9. Import the resulting .obj file into whatever program you want!
      Getting the geometry into a rendering program tips:
      The different parts of the ship may be imploded and/or exploded (as seen below)  Basically you will have to move the various parts into the right place.

      The vertices may be exploded, make sure you fix that.  You can do this by welding all vertices within a margin of 0.001. Smoothing groups may not export.  Fix the exploded vertices and then apply an AutoSmooth.  I recommend doing an AutoSmooth by an angle of 30-35 degrees.  
      Getting the textures:
      1. All the textures will be in the "textures" folder.

      2. If your program supports .dds files then you're done! Otherwise proceed to step 3.
      3. Open up Noesis and go to the folder you just extracted the .pak files into.
      4. Navigate to the "textures" folder.
      5. Click on the .dds files you want go to File -> Export.
      Set your desitnation folder to where you want to export Set "Main output type" to ".tga - TGA Image" OR ".png - PNG Image" Hit "Export"

      6. Repeat for any other textures you want!
      Figuring out which textures go where: YOU NEED CRYENGINE SDK FOR THIS!
      1. Install the CryEngine SDK and register at CryDev.net if you have not already done so
      2. Follow the steps listed here: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/44486/so-i-loaded-the-assets-of-the-hangar-into-the-sandbox-editor
      3. Once you have successfully added a ship to the Editor and applied the right material to it, click on the ship and the click on it's "Mtl:" slot.  That will bring up the Material Editor.

      4. In the Material Editor you can click on the different material and check what texture are in the Diffuse/Specular/Bumpmap/etc. slots.  Match those textures in the Material Editor to your shaders in your rendering program.

      The .obj files WILL NOT import correctly into After Effects. Large ships (like the Constellation) are really heavy models and will probably crash your rendering program if you import it all at once.  So instead, make sure you import it in parts and fix the exploded vertices as you go to reduce the total poly count. Some ships (like the Avenger) will look exploded and/or imploded when imported, for these ships, you will have to move all the parts into the correct spots. Tip: Use the CryEngine Sandbox to figure out where the parts go. YOU CANNOT EXPORT VERTEX COLORING.  You will have to recreate this effect by yourself.  
      Why are the models so messed up?
      Many of the models will not import perfectly, you will need to bridge the gap with some good ol' hardwork and elbow grease.
      Are there anymore tutorials on this subject?
      Yes! Located here.
      Why don't you just export the model from CryEngine SDK?
      CryEngine SDK exports models as one single mesh instead of separating them by material, it also exports many polygons with wrong normals.
      Why is this tutorial so shitty?
      Post a reply of what you think I should change and I'll change it!
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