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Hello Star ciitizen Base community,

I have taken a long break and now back into the full swing of star citizen and have already dipped into the spending enough to be high  Admiral with a small list of ships which I would like to dedicate to medical or long range explroation emergency services. The portion of this game I am most interested for is not of the space combat or exploration, but to joining in a giant space fleet as its main medical support. Everyone out there has an awesome fleet with fire power and expensive jump capable ships, but most forget about the basic necessity of having a food source with medical supplies in which could prolong your ventures before returning back to base and thats where I come in. 


1X Saber Comet

1X Aegis Vanguard

1X Endeavor

1X Khartu-al

Endeavor add ons

1X Medical bay POD

1X  Landing bay

1X Bio Drome

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