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Want to Sell ACCOUNT - 600i Touring, Anvil Hawk, PTV, 236USD in credit + Flairs

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Hi all, I'm taking the decision to sell my Star Citizen account due to some unforeseen circumstances arising, this does pain me as I love the concept of SC, but I don't have the time nor money to dedicate to it anymore and rather strapped for cash, so deciding to sell my account seemed like a good idea. 

1 month of subscription remaining

a few hangar flairs & armor sets accumulated from subscription

188,900 REC

also a multitude of ships available in the buyback area, buyback token for q1 2019 used.


in total 579 USD is spent on the things currently in my hangar (do remember there's also 236USD in store credit)

looking for offers around 520 USD for the whole account! 

(1) I am "selling" the right to be added as an "Authorized User" to my account, which is allowed as per RSI's 2016 Terms of Service.

(2) I will remain the original owner only in the event that official contact is required from the parent company (CIG).

(3) I understand that my personal information may be permanently retained in the address and billing sections.

I agree to the above clauses and will not attempt to access, recover or tamper with the said account unless it is requested by the Authorized User.











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buybacks within my account are as follows: 

Anvil Hawk - 6 Months

315p - 6 Months

Alpha Starter - 6 Months

Connie Taurus - 6 Months

Anvil Arrow (Pack or Standalone) - 6 Months

Gladius - 6 Months

Freelancer MIS - 6 Months

Hornet Ghost - 6 Months

Connie Phoenix Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months

Freelancer DUR - 6 Months

Cyclone - 6 Months

Freelancer Max - 6 Months

Prospector - 6 Months

Drake Vulture Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months

Sabre Comet Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months

Retaliator Base Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months

Hornet Wildfire Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months

Razor LX Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months

Banu Defender Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months

Anvil Hawk Anniversary 2018 Standalone - 72 Months

Nox (Black) Anniversary 2018 - 72 Months

Anvil Arrow Warbond - LTI

Titan Renegade - 6 Months

Titan Warlock - 6 Months

Connie Aquila - 6 Months

Hammerhead - 6 Months

Smuggler Pack - 6 Months

Ursa Rover - 6 Months

Argo Personnel - 6 Months

Alpha Vindicator - 6 Months

600i Explorer - 6 Months

Apollo Triage - 6 Months

Anvil Hurricane - 6 Months

Esperia Blade - 6 Months

100i - 6 Months

Razor EX and LX may 2018 promotion - 6 Months

C2 Hercules - 6 Months

Anvil Terrapin - 6 Months

Nox Kue - LTI

Gladius Valiant - 6 Months

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    • By Gundam
      Hello, I want to sell my SC account which INCLUDES an RSI-POLARIS with LTI**, AURORA with 3 months of insurance and also includes SQUADRON 42 download! 
      Message/pm me if interested!!!

    • By Tom Villder
      I would like to sell my main account because of real-life commitments.  While I love Star Citizen and I still believe that it will have a large impact on gaming when it is released, my real life circumstances compel me at this point in time.  My account (created January 2014) mainly consists of ships purchased with store credit with LTI, with the exception of the original package (Constellation).  There are a few dozen buyback options and 0$ CCU's. 
      I would like to sell this account for $800 or best offer (paypal fees included).  The reason I am selling my account at this price is because I need the funds sooner than later.  PM me if you are interested and I will do all I can to get back to you in a timely manner.
      The account has the following ships:
      Drake Vulture LTI
      Apollo Medivac LTI
      Argo Combo pack LTI
      Aegis Vulcan LTI
      Cutlass Blue LTI
      Super Hornet LTI
      Constellation Andromeda (6 Months Insurance) Package

      Furthermore, the account has $100 in store credit, 6.5k UEC and I have purchased quite a few things from the Voyager store, such as the Greycat, some ship weapons and hangar decorations.

    • By Chimaera
      Hey all!
      I have developed a habit of taking ships that I know I will want to use and CCUing them in packages, so I've decided to offload some of my Warbond ships that are now doubles in my hangar. All ships have LTI, and I'm also including a sweet little package.  Prices are in USD and DO NOT include the paypal fees which generally amount to around 4.5% increase from list price.  Verified paypal only. Prices may be negotiable, but I am pricing them at what I want to get from them, not what people see from mass grey marketers that deal in assets bought from multiple accounts or sources.  That said, if you want to buy more than one, we may be able to do a bundle price.
      1: Ursa Fortuna Warbond LTI - Melt Value: $50 - Selling Price: $60 + paypal fee
      2: Aopoa San'tok'yai LTI Warbond - Melt Value: $195 - Selling Price - $225 + paypal fee
      3: Anvil Aerospace Arrow Warbond LTI - Melt Value $65 - Selling Price $80 + paypal fee
      4: RSI Apollo Medivac Warbond LTI - Melt Value $250 - Selling price $285 + paypal fee
      5: Anvil Hawk Warbond LTI - Melt Value $80 - Selling Price $100 + paypal fee
      6: Aegis Gladius VALIANT Warbond LTI - Melt Value $100 - Selling Price $125 + paypal fee
      7: BUK Sentinel for Vanguard LTI - Melt Value $25 - Selling Price $85 + paypal fee
      8: BUK Harbinger for Vanguard LTI - Melt Value $45 - Selling Price $105 + paypal fee
      9: Arc Light II Pistol (Rare Weapon) - Melt Value $5 - Selling Price $45 + paypal fee 
      10: UEE Environment Coat (Rare Coat) - Melt Value $5 - Selling Price $45 + paypal fee
      11: Advocacy Tools (Rare Restraints) - Melt Value $5 - Selling Price $35 + paypal fee
      12: Valkyrie Liberator (limited skin) Warbond LTI - Melt Value $330 - Selling Price $400 + paypal fee
      13: Digital Pirate LTI (Rare Package) with a Cutlass, SQ42 AND Star Citizen included in package with skin, and other items - Melt Value $110 - Selling Price $200 + paypal fee
      14: Aegis Reclaimer ORIGINAL CONCEPT LTI - Melt Value $350 - Selling Price $450 + paypal fee
      15: MISC Prospector ORIGINAL CONCEPT LTI - Melt Value $140 - Selling Price $220 + paypal fee
      16: Finally, the capstone: Digital Freelancer Package UPGRADED to the Freelancer MIS LTI. This is an ORIGINAL BACKER pledge with all of the perks from the old packages included. Melt Value - $165 - Selling Price - $250 + paypal fee
      Remember to follow our rules and guidelines posted. 
      Cheers all!
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