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GameGlass, a new way of interacting with SC


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Hey all,

Due to it's relative infancy, I don't believe many people were aware of SCPADD.  If not, they have now rebranded as GameGlass and offer what I think will be an awesome addition to anyones setup for playing SC, among other games.  It allows you to use a tablet as an input device, similar to how ROCCAT Power Grid worked, but better.

Here is a link to their IndieGoGo page which has their promo video, although I believe that there will be a free version of this product with an option to pay a subscription for additional services.


I backed them through Patreon and should have access to a beta version next month hopefully so can provide some sort of feedback to this product.

Have a look and let me know what you think.  They have a discord channel also where you can make suggestions/recommendations.

If this is not in the right place, please move accordingly.  Hopefully this sort of post is allowed.



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Looks like a probable hit for a lot of things.

Myself, I have already set a gamepad, and also a HOTAS setup, for many of these things, but only use them occasionally (almost never – sigh), and rely on one screen and keyboard. This may change as more complex activity is released.

Even in the current state, each new ship you bring out to fly is almost a meta-game in itself. The differences are real with many of them.

Once game mechanics are involved with say, an Orion or a Starfarer, or any of the others with multiple work stations, then an additional screen may be on my desk unless I can get the gamepad up to speed for the various work screens needed to operate complex ships like these.

Even so, curious how it does work for this and other games. For instance, would it assist in switching from flight, to foot, to vehicle? (This is one of the reasons my joystick is sitting in the corner collecting dust).

Keep us informed. - DRUM out

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