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Ongoing Discussion Compare 9900K vs 2700X

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I checked just to see how the 2700X fared against the i9-9900K

This will not dissuade Intel fans. The i9-9900K is faster, by an overall 16%. Of course Intel does single-core better.

Cost for the 2700X - $280

Cost for the i9-9900K - $500


Whilst the 6 core, 12 thread 8700K beats the 2700X in single and quad core performance by about 10%, the 2700X wins on multi-core workloads. PC gaming and desktop performance is generally governed by four or less cores but the 2700X offers unbeatable value for money for workstation users.

Although the 9900K has around a 16% effective speed advantage over the 2700X, the Ryzen 2700X offers better value for money for most users.


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AMD's next CPUs seem to have some legit buzz about them.  I'm gunna wait and see how they work out.

I've been ready to upgrade for a while, just waiting on Star Citizen.  And for AMD to catch up to Intel and Intel to start acting like it has a competitor on the desktop again.  For half the amount of money I've spent on Star Citizen, I could have a real nice 5-year-old computer right now... so kinda glad I've stuck to my guns about not upgrading.


If the best of these 3000 CPUs really are faster than Intel in IPC and multithreaded, it will be hard to stay away.  Might be worth waiting for Intel's counterpunch, in that case, but if Intel's counterpunch still isn't natively immune to Meltdown and Spectre, then I'm not getting it.

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