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How many ships are in the UEE fleet

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Enough that there is an entire solar system dedicated to construction, training and upkeep of a navy that can maintain control of 37 star systems of varying size,  population, cultures, infrastructures, and propensities for skulduggery.

The numbers of Navy service personnel has to be somewhere in the tens of millions, and the number of capital ships has to be in the high hundreds if not thousands.

They're probably comparable to the Romulan Star Empire in terms of fleet strength. Not so huge that they can wage or win an all out war, but powerful enough that they can expand and maintain territory while making others think twice before engaging in hostilities.

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15 hours ago, Tallhart said:

The Idris-class frigates are supposed to be named after star systems, e.g. the UEES Stanton from SQ42. I do wonder how many frigates they have of this class as they'd run out of systems eventually! 

The maximum would be 37 then if that were the case. I doubt they are all named after systems. Most are probably named after admirals, locations of note or have a legacy names (e.g. Enterprise).

That is unless there are less than 37 frigates in the entire Navy, in which case it is much smaller than has been let on.

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Consider that there are likely variants of the Idris based on function. This increases their number. You'd have to have more than one Bengal,  Javelin, or Idris and enough combat so adrons and support wessels in a system with which to counter a significant incursion.

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*smacks @Boildown

that's more troll than even me, at least I'd get it right.


I'm curious to know how many ships are in the UEE. I would like compare his strenght with other sci-fi fleets organizations

One: there is no game exact as this. X games don't really do MP games and ED don't do a major fleet.

Two: At ship for ship you can compare ED with SC.

Three: However, using "how many ships are in the UEE" as a question is literally a bad choice for you to ask. The game amounts(of ships) is every chancing and there really is no constant. either players, NPC or missions. Excluding the perma-class which are really really big ships EG Bengal, Pegasus or any other huge non-player owned ship.  

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I think it's impossible to tell exactly how many ships the UEE has unless CIG comes out with an exact number. We know that the PU timeline is after that of SQ42... and we have no idea how SQ42 ends. Since Admiral Bishop pleaded to rebuild the fleet, the UEE likely started making more warships to fight the Vanduul.
Years ago CIG accidentally leaked the existence of the massive super dreadnought class Retribution and we saw some creenshots where that thing is in dock together with a couple of bengal carriers. So thats/// something. Your guess on the numbers is as good as mine.

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Since they are just pixels and no planets have to be raped to produce them...

I will go out on a limb and declare As Many As They Need For The Desired Outcome...

Fizzlefuse stated impossibly to tell, and that number is as close to an answer as we get at this point. - DRUM out

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The number shouldn't be so high : CIG is mimicking the united state army both modern and WW2 era

Modern era is 12 carrier + 300 various ships

WW2 era (1944) is 28 carrier, 70 escort carrier, 23 battleships + 1200 various ships

My guess would be between those 2 figures with less battleships and more escort carrier ... maybe 12 bengals, 1 or 2 retribution, 50 pegasus and 200 Idriss

For the carrier born squadrons we may have the figures somewhere in the lore but the retaliators may take a lot of room compare to hornet squadrons



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Ladies please. WW2 and a space fleet are two completely different roles. I know that CR is really interested in pre-modern weapons/vehicles, but the case isn't the same. a lot of newer ships are more modern. he is keeping the same weapons (range) as WW II, but the rest is modern. nobody will ever know the exact number of ships at a current time. This is excluding  AI ships in missions and "surprise" missions eg knocked out of warp. This included alien races ships and UEE navy as most aren't permnant fixtured excluding destroyers and upwards. although, I'd say these are going to be semi-perm (ie it won't exist, it no human player is online). Having said that, I'd hope that if they have an AI/NPC captain it would have orders to do stuff like QT that would take ages. Anyway, I dygres, still saying noboby would be able to give the exact current time. The After the "war" there was supposed to be 7-12 bengals derlict. none would ever be player owned even if you restored them to fully operational. I assume even escort carriers such as the peagus class.

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Yes that's why i proposed both ww2 and modern era figures 😀

Any way, the poing is don't expect thousand of ships per fleet : when you look at the SQ42 trailer the Idriss is navigating solo, without cover of smaller ship

Future will tell us for sure 😊

My humble bet is on a multitude of small tasks forces of a maximum of 10 ships around a single Bengal... it's only a bet and shall not be took as an affirmation ;)


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