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Want to Sell Selling Estate Land Claims and Various LTI Ships

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I have decided to sell many of my ships and/or Star Citizen items. I still love watching the progress of Star Citizen, but if I had my priorities in order I would have been remarried by now. I still plan to join you men and women in the verse, but with a reduced fleet size. That being said, here is what is available:

Estate Land Claim Parcels (8kmx8km) $150 is what someone offered for one of them on reddit, I have 9 left so far.

Original Concept Ships all with LTI:
Hull E - $670
Polaris - $820
Dragonfly Yellow Jacket - $55
Nox 2 Pack (containing 1 Nox and 1 Nox Kue) - $90
600i Combo Pack (containing both exploration and touring variants) {Melt value 670 because I used a 20% off coupon} - $835
Prospector - $140
Pioneer - $925
Hammerhead - $725
Nova Tank (affectionately known as the tonk) - $109
Vulcan Warbond - $210
Mercury Star Runner Warbond - $258


CCUed Ships all with LTI:
Super Hornet - $195
2 seperate Orions - $405 each
Cutlass Black - $121
Hull A - $67
Hull B - $105
Cutlass Red - $135
Hull D - $363
Herald - $101



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