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My first time-lapse : Jumptown

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    • By SwoOn
      A new timelapse about the awesome moons of Crusaders, with the great places to visit !
      Enjoy and feel free to support me by voting, leaving a com, liking or subsrcibing !
    • By FoxChard
      I've been putting together a short map over the last few days describing an orienteering approach to find the Drug Lab on Yela. Most of the other content and guides I've seen rely on triangulation (which is extremely difficult due to the extreme small size of the target). This guide shows how to use known and distinctive landmarks to quickly and efficiently fly to the Drug Lab. In fact, I know find the Drug Lab much easier to locate than the Javelin. (To be fair, I've made this run more than 10 times now).
      This location is difficult to find in any condition other than full sunlight. It also only renders at 7km (but you need to zoom to even see it) and does not become visible to a ship in motion until about 2km.
      The Yela Drug Lab offers for sale two types of banned narcotics that can be sold to Grim Hex or Levski. It also produces alcohol. The profit margins on these substances is very high, however, the quantity that can be had is very low. You will not fill a Freelancer to even 1/3 of capacity. This makes this trade location ideal for those of us running Auroras, Mustangs, Avengers, and Reliants. 
      I'd like to continue to refine these kinds of guides, so please leave any feedback below. 
    • By Gallitin
      Thanks to @Tom Villder sharing this and thought it was pretty cool, so posting here.
    • By GRIZZ
      This is a neat Yela map.  Here you see Yela from "above the rings".  Whats neat is those of you who have gone this far up know this is kinda what Yela looks like from above.  The hand placed encounter areas are larger rocks and can easily be spotted from above.  And if you are backed out this far the smaller rocks actually no longer draw, only the big ones do, so the author must have taken 30+ closeup photos and stitched them together.
      The next great thing it shows is the Port Olisar Exit Point.  This is good for getting your bearings and allows you to figure out where special things are.  It teaches me that if i travel in and look at the "left" edge of Yela I have a general understanding of where I need to go to get pretty close to benny henge.

      What this map is missing is the handful of pirate radio stations pointing to Benny Henge.