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My 2nd time-lapse : Lorville

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    • By SwoOn
      A new timelapse about the awesome moons of Crusaders, with the great places to visit !
      Enjoy and feel free to support me by voting, leaving a com, liking or subsrcibing !
    • By SwoOn
      ... my 3rd timelapse :
      Take a ride over the 4 Hurston's moons !
      Hope you like it, fell free to share it, like it, subscribe or comment it ..
      ... and of course... happy new year 😉
    • By buzby x
      so, I fly to Lorville, land in front of the Bladerunner building, and that's it...no doors, no nothing...I mean I'm obviously landed on closed hangar doors, but no people doors.
      I take off again, and I see already landed ships under the red honeycomb area, but I can't get there...what's the deal with that?
    • By DirectorGunner
      A 7:36 minutes jump from Port Olisar to Hurston, a fly over the city that ends in pilot error... lol.
    • By VoA
      Another good video from Law