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Freelancer MAX

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We have a thread for the base Freelancer.... one for the MIS and one of the DUR.... but not for the MAX - and since the revamped version is now out - thought I'd create a thread.


Wanted to address an important point many not be aware of.........  many look at the Constellation Taurus with its Smuggling Hold......... greater upgrade (to other Connie components)...... more cargo capacity ........ (+ I still think it is under-priced)....... and wonder why you would ever pick a Freelancer MAX over a Taurus.    My personal take is I would still choose the Taurus......... however....... there are some important things that people may not realize about Freelancers.   Ben Lesnick (CIG) awhile ago on an RTV mentioned that Freelancers not only have Xi'An tech for their thrusters but also this Xi'An Tech does shield the entire ship (not just the cargo hold) from some casual scans (doesn't block scans but lessens their accuracy).


The Freelancer is the largest Ship (though CR goes back and forth on this - but so far this is still current info) --------- to be able to go through a Small Jump point (whereas a Taurus is too big to go through Small Jump Points)








Fit 2x Cyclones in a MAX, but need more headroom for Ursa



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Looks really neat. I could probably come to live with the cockpit view over time too.


I'll see how the Cutlass Blue goes, but a Freelancer variant may well be a really good alternative - though I can't make up my mind if I would go full on for cargo with the MAX, or flexibility with the DUR.

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Cutlass Black has 46 SCU of space while MAX has 120 SCU.

Cutlass is likely to be more agile tho. If Blue ends up having double the components of Black or better armor, it might just end up a good, 2 person combat ship.

I expect MAX to see a ton of play. Should be able to land and take-off in atmo just fine even it has full cargo, especially compared to larger ships like Taurus, C2 or Cat.

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I cant decide whether to upgrade my cutlass to either the DUR or the Max or not at all.

what i want to do with it isnt really an issue, ive got haulers, fighters, cap ships, mining and exploration craft, but i want the best “mission board” ship.


The freelancers have a little less fire power than a cutlass, but come with more as standard, have far more hull hp, twice the shields, twice the fuel capacity, carry a decent amount of cargo even in the DUR and MIS versions, BUT that cockpit view?



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On 3/3/2019 at 3:03 PM, Fizzlefuse said:

I still am of the opinion that they should do something to clear those turret struts on the Freelancers.

While I agree about the turret struts completely i'm more annoyed about the loss of the nose stairs for Freelancer variants. It's the main thing I liked aesthetically about them. If they do it to the hull series too I will lose my ish.

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The forward stair did look cool, but I understand their frustration when they realized people were going to use that forward exit while in space or on moons without atmosphere.

Just no way to put an airlock on a stairwell that drops out of a hole in the middle of your living area floor.

They could have tried to move it back to the small cargo room, and there were caution signs in there once that made it look like there may be an overhead airlock place eventually. That would have had you creeping under the belly though, and would have made it barely visible. - DRUM out

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