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RSI Orion CCU'ed LTI - $370

RSI Polaris LTI Concept Sale - $750

RSI Polaris LTI CCU'ed - $690

Aegis Hammerhead CCU'ed - $650 

Banu Merchantman (48 Months insurance) - $250

Banu Merchantman LTI CCU'ed - $290

Aegis Reclaimer LTI CCU'ed - $320

Anvil Crucible LTI CCU'ed - $340

Hercules C2 LTI CCU'ed - $ 300

Hercules M2 LTI CCU'ed - $420

Hercules A2 LTI CCU'ed (limited ship now) - $650

Genesis Starliner LTI CCU'ed - $350

Origin 890Jump (72 month ins) - $890

Origin 890Jump (60 month ins) - $890

Origin 600 Explorer LTI Concept Sale - $435

Origin 600 Explorer LTI CCU'ed - $420

Origin 600 Touring LTI Concept Sale - $400

Origin 600 Touring LTI CCU'ed - $350

Anvil Carrack LTI CCU'ed - $350

MISC Endeavour Master Set LTI - $1000

MISC Hull-D LTI CCU'ed - $340

RSI Constelation Phoenix (60 month ins) - $350

RSI Apollo Triage LTI CCU'ed - $250

RSI Apollo Medivac LTI CCU'ed - $275

AEGIS Vulcan Concept Sale LTI - $200

Esperia Glaive LTI CCU'ed - $350

MISC Razor LTI Concept Sale - $135

Aegis Vanguard Warden LTI CCU'ed - $250

Drake Buccaneer Concept Sale LTI - $110 

Banu Defender Concept Sale LTI - $185 

Crusader Mercury Star Runner LTI CCU'ed - $220

Super Hornet F7A-M LTI CCU'ed - $175





Also a lot of CCU for SALE, RARE ADDON's and LTI Pack's 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

My Discord ID is GodZe#7293


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