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CIG Estimated yearly salary costs


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On 12/2/2018 at 6:43 AM, Stahlkopp said:

I'm sitting on Space Marshal level and did not give them money for at least 2 years although I'm addicted to spaceships.

Everyone has reacted to their delays in their own way, there is no blaming anyone for their position on this, as it is very personal.  I happen to be in your very position myself.  I have not put in any new money since 2016, minus a few warbond CCU's here and there for no more than $30.  I don't care about hitting Wing Commander, and I will not add more money in good faith.  I have given enough.

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5 hours ago, Irres said:

Where did the 500 employees number come from?  I thought it was closer to 700.

The number I often see posted in Spectrum regarding burn rate is $70M annually, but that is unofficial from other posters..

I am sure a lot has changed since this thread is from 3 years ago.

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7 hours ago, Irres said:

Sorry i must have been tired I didn't realize someone necro'd it. :P

No need to apologize, you did nothing wrong. I was just stating that the info was from 3 years ago. With this games development going on 10 years, there is no need worry about necroing threads as long as the comments are current and relevant to the thread topic.

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