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We were talking a lot at Spectrum and as I know CIG has decided not to deal with the modularity of the old ships and quietly stopped selling the BUK. Modularity means a complete rework of the ship, a new implementation and a lot of bugs and expens, easier for them to sell a separate ship and more profitable. Therefore Caterpillar, Vanguard, Retaliator Base no more LEGO, it is old 2013 idea. BUK owners will get UEK later, imo 

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      Hey guys, 
      Not sure why but I got this sudden urge to have the nox and both seen like cool colors until painting becomes a thing. Anyone have a nox 2 pack LTI for $70?
    • By ghost010
      Mostly for CCU(if its not the ship i want). I dont really need a package.

      I have 2 LTI ships my self, but i dont want to give up my avanger nor my aurora LN.

      I wont be buying over priced ships/packages.
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      Hi there. I'm looking to pick up a ship-only version of the Origin 315p Explorer LTI. I'm willing to do $130, which is double the original cost.
      I have verified Paypal, linked my RSI/Reddit flair, and have over a dozen trades on Reddit/r/StarCitizen_Trades. Let me know if you're interested!
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      Hi I'm looking for cheap LTI Ship around 90-100$, I can pay with paypal, steam games or CS:GO els capsules.
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      I would like a quotation so I can have an idea of the prices.  I can exchange/trade with a Freelancer MAX and a Cutlass.  I also have an Archeage Archeum founders package/account that I can include in the exchange if need be.
      Insurance is not a major issue for me, though LTI would be nice.
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